HC Deb 13 May 1924 vol 173 cc1121-2
2. Brigadier-General MAKINS

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he can now make any statement as to the steps which are being taken to secure a more rapid settlement of cases by the Anglo-German Mixed Arbitral Tribunal; whether he is aware that the German claims are all being paid in full, whereas only 25 per cent. of the amount of any British claim when admitted is being paid over; what final percentage on such claims is likely to be paid; and whether he will consider the retention of German moneys and properties in this country until British claims are adequately met?


In reply to the first part of the question, the delay complained of is receiving the serious attention of the Board of Trade, and active steps are being taken to expedite matters. The statement contained in the second part of the quesion does not accord with my information, which is to the effect that, whereas German creditors receive a small fraction only of their claims, British creditors and claimants for proceeds of the liquidation of their property are paid in full by the British Clearing Office, and only as regards claimants for compensation has it been necessary to limit payment at present to dividends amounting, in the aggregate, to 7s. 6d. in the £. The payments made by the British Clearing Office up to the 6th instant in respect of claims against German nationals or the German Government were as follow:

£ s. d.
Debts under Article 296 44,908,602 10 7
Proceeds of liquidation (Article 297 (h) (1)) 19,111,931 3 6
On account of awards for compensation (Article 297 (e)) 1,521,353 1 8
Total £65,541,886 15 8
In reply to the third part of the question, I regret that I am not at present in a position to estimate the final percentage which will be paid in the compensation cases.

The suggestion contained in the last part of the question was given effect to in the Treaty of Peace Order, 1919, subject to the right of the Board of Trade to release, of which advantage is taken only in special cases and upon the recommendation of Lord Blanesburgh's Committee.

3. Captain BRASS

asked the President of the Board of Trade on how many occasions in April the first division of the Anglo-German Mixed Arbitral Tribunal sat?


I would refer the hon. and gallant Member to my reply to the hon. Member for the Kirkdale Division of Liverpool on 6th May last, of which I am sending him a copy.