HC Deb 08 May 1924 vol 173 c624
54. Brigadier-General MAKINS

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury if he will state the total number of light cars which have been thrown on the market since the Armistice by the disposal of surplus War stock?


To furnish the information in question would require a search through the accounts of the Department at home and abroad for over five years, and I regret that, with the depleted staffs at present available, it is not possible to undertake that work.

Brigadier-General MAKINS

Given the number of commercial vehicles under the Disposal Board, why are the light cars not more than 60,000?


Would it be possible to give the number of light cars which would be withdrawn from the market if the McKenna Duties are cancelled?


There is a very great difference between the commercial cars and the cars to which the hon. and gallant Gentleman refers in this question. These are light cars which can be used at home or abroad, and the disposal of them would be very difficult to trace. It is altogether different from the 60,000 commercial cars for which we can provide more or less accurate records through the Disposal Commission.