HC Deb 13 March 1924 vol 170 cc2514-5

asked the Minister of Pensions why, in the case of a naval rating whose cause of discharge has recently been altered from demobilised to invalided by the Admiralty, pension has only been granted from the date of such alteration, observing that the man in question was invalided in February, 1919, and that he has been the victim of a clerical error?


If, as I assume, my hon. and gallant Friend's question refers to the re-assessment of service disability pensions, I would point out that these pensions were expressly designed to compensate men who were prevented by invaliding from completing the full term of service for which they had engaged. It is clearly a definite concession to extend this allowance to men who were demobilised, and whose careers were not, therefore, in any sense cut short by reasons of health, but solely by the fact that their services, like those of other men, ceased to be required. In cases of this nature payment is made only from the date on which in each case the concession is granted. If my hon. and gallant Friend will let me have particulars of any case he has in mind, I shall be glad to look into it.

12. Sir B. FALLE

asked the Minister of Pensions what is the position of invalided naval pre-War pensioners who were called up for service in the Great War, and again invalided, with regard to re-assessment of pension; and when it is likely that a decision will be arrived at, the matter having been under consideration for over four years?


I regret it is not possible to give the full information asked for in my hon. and gallant Friend's question. The preparation of the Order in Council has been delayed owing to technical difficulties which are being discussed with the Department concerned, but wherever possible re-assessment is being carried out in anticipation of the requisite instrument.


Will it be a very long time before it is approved?


That I cannot say.