HC Deb 04 March 1924 vol 170 cc1194-5

Mr. NICHOLSON further reported from the Committee: That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee B: Mr. Alden, Mr. Becker, Sir Robert Bird, Sir Henry Buckingham, Lieut.-Colonel Campion, Dr. Chapple, Major Church, Sir Arthur Churchman, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Cluse, Major Colfox, Mr. Crittall, Earl of Dalkeith, Captain Dickie, Mr. Doods, Mir. Duckworth, Mr. Gavan-Duffy, Mr. Dukes, Captain Viscount Ednam, Mr. Charles Edwards, Mr. Finney, Lieut.-Commander Fletcher, Mr. Gorman, Mr. Frederick Gould, Mr. Greenall, Mr. Greene, Mr. John Harris, Mr. Edmund Harvey, Mr. Thomas Henderson, Mr. Hillary, Mr. Hogbin, Major Kindersley, Mr. Lee, Mr. Lindley, Sir Leonard Lyle, Mr. William Martin, Lieut.-Colonel Mason, Mr. Milne, Mr. Mond, Mr. Mosley, Mr. Nesbitt, Sir Douglas Newton, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Raffety, Sir James Remnant, Sir Philip Richardson, Colonel Sinclair, Mr. Sutcliffe, Sir Frederick Sykes, and the Marquess of Titchfield.

Mr. NICHOLSON further reported from the Committee: That they had agreed to the following Resolution, which they had directed him to report to the House:

"That, after a Bill has been under consideration in Standing Committee, no application for changes in the composition of that Committee in respect of that Bill shall be entertained by the Committee of Selection."

Reports to lie upon the Table.