HC Deb 24 June 1924 vol 175 cc230-1
42. Captain BRASS

asked the Minister of Transport whether his attention has been called to the grave risks run by all motor traffic travelling on the new concrete roads in wet weather; and whether, in view of this danger to the public, he will consider the question of cancelling contracts for such roads and substituting therefor contracts for roads with a less slippery surface?


A slight degree of slipperiness in certain states of the weather is, I fear, part of the price we have to pay for the smooth, durable surface which modern traffic demands. I am not aware that concrete roads are peculiar in this respect, and I see no grounds for advocating the cancellation of contracts.

Captain BRASS

Would the hon. Gentleman consider the desirability of putting down a surface in some way like that put down in the United States?

Captain Viscount EDNAM

Would the hon. Gentleman consider inviting the contractors to use the very admirable method used on the Great North Road of rolling the surface when the tar is slightly wet with a corrugated roller?


I am advised that there is nothing particularly wrong. If hon. Members will give me specific cases I will deal with them.

Captain BRASS

Will the hon. Gentleman come for a drive with me in my motor car on one of the roads, and I will illustrate what I mean?


He would be afraid to trust himself with you.

Viscount CURZON

Is the hon. Gentleman aware that recently a lorry conveying workmen went through the hedge on this Great North Road owing to the slippery condition of the road, and that a special notice had to be put up?


Would the hon. Gentleman consider enforcing a skid on one front wheel, as is now applied to the licensed vehicles in London?


Hon. Members should give their experiences to the Minister in private.


They would be helpful, I assure you, Sir.