HC Deb 05 June 1924 vol 174 cc1456-7
68. Sir K. WOOD

asked the Secretary for Mines where the provincial districts are situated in which the co-operative prices for coal are lower than those of coal merchants, and the respective amounts of such differences; and whether he is aware that in certain districts in Yorkshire an additional amount of 7s. 9d. per ton has, within the last few weeks, been charged by the co-operative society over the amount charged by local coal merchants?

The SECRETARY for MINES (Mr. Shinwell)

I do not know the source of the information on which the hon. Member bases the latter part of his question, but if it is a paragraph in the "Coal Merchant and Shipper," of the 17th May, he will find that the next issue of the journal contained a correction of that paragraph. The fact is, it appears, that the co-operative prices, instead of being 7s. 9d. above the merchants' prices, as alleged, are 1s. 8d. below them. Another place where co-operative prices, according to my information, are lower (by 2d. or 3d. a cwt.) is East Glasgow; but my inquiries are not wide enough to enable me to answer the first part of the question comprehensively.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that the other day he stated, in reply to my question, that there were many provincial districts where the prices of coal were lower than in the case of ordinary private merchants, while he has only been able to mention two?


I said that in some provincial districts the prices were lower, and the information I have given to the hon. Member confirms that; but there is a number of places in regard to which I require further information before I furnish it to the House.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that in Batley they are lower than anywhere else?