HC Deb 04 June 1924 vol 174 cc1239-40

asked the Minister of Health if he can give any figures showing the number or percentage of building operatives engaged on the construction of working-class houses under State-assisted schemes or otherwise and the percentage engaged on other forms of building at the present time or during any period since State-assisted housing schemes were started?


As the answer in-involves tabular statements, I will, with the permission of the hon. Member, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT such information as I possess.

Following is the answer:

The numbers of men engaged at various dates upon the erection of houses by local authorities and public utility societies in England and Wales under the Housing, Town Planning, Etc., Act, 1919, were as follows:

Date. Number of Men.
Skilled. Unskilled.
30th June, 1920 15,100 18,092
31st December, 1923 40,270 41,093
1st July, 1921 79,908 69,946
1st January, 1922 67,987 49,792
1st July, 1922 40,248 29,675
1st January, 1923 12,971 10,276
1st July, 1923 5,420 3,816
Information is not available as to the numbers employed upon house building under the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919, and the Housing, Etc., Act, 1923, or on houses erected without State assistance.

It is not possible to state the numbers engaged on building work other than house building, but the total number of skilled operatives in October, 1923, insured against unemployment in England and Wales, excluding operatives employed in connection with industries other than the building industry, e.g., shipbuilding, was 319,790.