HC Deb 03 June 1924 vol 174 c1060

asked the Minister of Transport whether he can supply to the House particulars as to the number of recorded accidents during the past year arising through collision between motorists and cyclists; and the number of such accidents which occurred after sundown?


I must refer the hon. Member to the. Return for the year ended 31st December, 1923, made by the Home Office, of street accidents caused by road vehicles. In this return the figures are given under the heading of the vehicle which is believed to have caused the accident. The figures for the Metropolitan Police District are also included in the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Police, and are sub-divided to show "day" and "night" figures for each class of vehicle. The Annual Report for 1923 is not yet published. I am afraid these are the only returns available. To obtain more detailed information would involve a large amount of work which, I think, would hardly be justified by the results to be attained.


Will the hon. Gentleman further consider the suggestion that has been made in regard to Regulations that cyclists should carry reflectors in order to obviate the danger that is likely to arise at night time to themselves and others?