HC Deb 03 June 1924 vol 174 cc1063-4
62 and 63. Lieut. - Commander KEN-WORTHY

asked the Minister of Transport (1) whether it is proposed to introduce legislation to enable the Government to acquire the land frontages on the new large arterial roads to be built from central funds; if so, on what valuation is it proposed to acquire this land: and whether steps are being taken to check land speculation in the neighbourhood of these roads;

(2) which, large arterial roads to be built wholly from central funds have been commenced, and which are about to be commenced; and what arrangements are being made to secure the enhanced value of the land through which these roads will pass for the nation?


I hope very shortly to be in a position to explain in detail the new proposals of the Government to which the Prime Minister referred in his recent speech. These will relate to the reconstruction of sections of certain of the main trunk roads of the country and with regard to these proposals the important question of land values raised by the hon. and gallant Member does not arise. In the case of new roads on fresh alignment such as those being built with the assistance of local authorities or under negotiation with them, powers to acquire the land on either side already exist under the Development and Road Improvement Fund Act, 1909, and will certainly be used wherever I am advised that it is financially advantageous so to do. Where possible I am also taking steps in co-operation with the local authorities concerned for the acquisition in advance of land on the line of the proposed new arterial roads.

Colonel ASHLEY

Will the hon. Gentleman say whether we shall have an opportunity of discussing these proposals on his Vote, or will a. Bill be brought in on which we can discuss this matter?


I am not quite sure, but I shall be very pleased to have an opportunity of explaining this matter to the House either way.


Will all these particular works be done in this financial year?


The hon. Member had better await my statement.