HC Deb 21 July 1924 vol 176 cc1069-70

The failure to complete a house before any date specified in this Act or any order made there under shall not render invalid any undertaking to make a contribution or give assistance in respect of the house if the. Minister is satisfied that the construction of the house or necessary work of development on or about the site preliminary thereto was begun within a reasonable time and that the failure to complete the house before the said date was due to circumstances over which the local authority, society, body of trustees, or company constructing the house had no control.—[Captain Elliot.]

Brought up, and read the First time.

Captain ELLIOT

I beg to move, "That the Clause be read a Second time."

This Amendment was put down at the request of the City of Glasgow. [HON. MEMBERS: "Oh!"] The City of Glasgow wants a little attention paid to its schemes. I understand from the Minister that the things we desire to have by this New Clause are covered by the Bill, and if he gives us that assurance I should be perfectly willing not to move the Clause on this occasion. It concerns Section 4 of the 1923 Act, which was put in to cover the case of the authorities who cannot complete their houses within a certain time, owing to unforeseen circumstances.


I am not quite clear about the Clause. Presumably, the-Glasgow Corporation is not looking so far forward as 1929. No doubt changes have been made in the other Acts. Something must be put into the Bill to deal with houses not constructed within a definite time, and when the Order comes before the House, clearly it would be a matter for the House to decide whether, having regard to all the circumstances of the case at the time, adequate time is allowed for all houses to be completed in the new class. I think the hon. and gallant Member may take it that any Order would have regard to the point he raised. Certainly this House would have such regard.

Captain ELLIOT

It also gives a certain amount of discretion to those whose housing schemes might be held up. If an Order were made determining a scheme, some area might lag behind, and I take it that in the drawing up of an Order it would be possible for a Minister to allow a certain amount of discretion.


There would be something put into the Order to extend that for a further period.


Before the Clause be withdrawn, we should like to be assured that it was moved in the interests of Glasgow Corporation.


I should like to confirm the statement made on the other side.


I beg, on behalf of the Glasgow Corporation, to suggest that this Amendment should he withdrawn.

Motion and Clause, by leave, withdrawn.