HC Deb 21 July 1924 vol 176 cc862-3
35. Viscount CURZON

asked the Prime Minister whether it is intended to conclude a new Anglo-Soviet commercial treaty to supersede the trade agreement of 1921; whether it is proposed under it to hand over any sums deposited in British banks by the imperial and provisional governments of Russia and by Russian firms whose property has been nationalised, before any undertaking has been undertaken to benefit the British creditors of Russia; and whether he can now make any statement with reference to the negotiations?

20. Mr. B. SMITH

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he can now say if Mr. Martin's claim has been considered; and whether, in view of the suffering which Mr. Martin, now blind as the result of his imprisonment in Russia, has had to endure and his present afflictions, which make it difficult for him to earn his livelihood and impossible to support his family, he will endeavour to make a definite statement, before the adjournment for the Summer Recess, regarding the settlement of this class of claims?

22. Mr. LUMLEY

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether arrangements are being made with the Russian Government or with the Soviet delegation for payment of sums of money due to British firms for goods supplied to Russia before the War, which have been sequestrated by the Soviet State Bank?


I would refer the hon. Members to the answers which I gave to the hon. Member for Moseley (Mr. Hannon) on the 16th June, to the hon. Member for Chertsey (Sir P. Richardson) on the 23rd June, and to the hon. Member for Erdington (Sir A. Steel-Maitland) on the 30th June.

Viscount CURZON

Am I to understand from all those various answers that no new Commercial Treaty to supersede the Trade Agreement has been come to?


No; it really means that the statement will have to be made altogether, and not in parts.