HC Deb 08 July 1924 vol 175 cc1952-5
41. Mr. HANNON

asked the Secretary for Mines in which districts colleries are at present working short time; whether he is in a position to state the number of men paid off and working short time, respectively, in each district affected; and what number of men were on full-time work in these districts during May and the first two weeks of June, 1923, as compared with the same period this year?


The answer to this question can only be given in statistical tables, which I will have circulated in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

(1) AVERAGE number of wage earners fully employed.*
District. In each of six weeks ended
16th June, 1923. 14th June, 1924.
Scotland 130,723 84,722
Northumberland 61,370 45,843
Durham 164,159 132,640
South Wales and Monmouth 238,068 212,576
Yorkshire, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Cannock Chase and Warwick. 339,251 248,741
Lancashire, North Staffs and Cheshire 98,594 69,038
North Wales 17,409 13,232
South Staffs and Salop 9,280 8,319
Cumberland 11,776 10,389
Bristol 2,083 1,755
Forest of Dean 6,809 3,463
Somerset 5,344 5,041
Kent 1,851 1,774
Great Britain 1,086,717 837,533
* These figures represent the average number of wage-earners employed at mines which did not lose any time owing to want of trade and transport difficulties. Some of these persons may have lost time owing to disputes, accidents, holidays, etc.

Will the hon. Gentleman also inquire what is the real cause for so many miners being dismissed at the present time in Durham?


That is rather a different question. If my hon. Friend will give me notice, I will endeavour to give him an answer.

The following is the information asked for in the Question, as far as it is available:

(3) NUMBER of wage-earners on Colliery Books in the week ended 21st June, 1924, as compared with the number on the 17th May, 1924.*
District. Number on 17th May. Number on 21st June. Difference.
Scotland 142,124 139,785 -2,339
Northumberland 64,623 64,306 -317
Durham 176,661 175,592 -1,069
South Wales and Monmouth 243,060 240,738 -2,322
Yorkshire, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Cannock Chase and Warwick. 366,649 367,121 +472
Lancashire, North Staffs and Cheshire 142,310 141,608 -702
North Wales 8,633 18,577 -56
South Staffs and Salop 10,315 10,206 -109
Cumberland 12,187 11,629 -558
Bristol 2,066 1,987 -79
Forest of Dean 7,431 7,424 -7
Somerset 5,707 5,633 -74
Kent 1,902 1,892 -10
Great Britain 1,193,668 1,186,498 -7,170
* The total for this week is the highest in the past year.
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