HC Deb 10 January 1924 vol 169 cc39-44

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by law:

Right honourable Stanley Baldwin, County of Worcester (Bewdley Division).

Right honourable William Clive Bridge-man, County of Salop (Oswestry Division).

Right honourable Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery, Borough of Birmingham (Sparkbrook Division).

Right honourable Francis Dyke Acland, County of Devon (Tiverton Division).

Sir Godfrey Pattison, C.M.G., Burgh of Greenock.

Sir Robert Paterson Houston, baronet, Borough of Liverpool (West Toxteth Division).

Charles Ainsworth, esquire, Borough of Bury.

Sir Sydney Herbert Holcroft Henn, K.B.E., Borough of Blackburn.

Captain George Edward Wentworth Bowyer, County of Bucks (Buckingham Division).

Brigadier-General Ernest Makins, C.B., D.S.O., County of Chester (Knutsford Division).

Major Leonard Ropner, County of Durham (Sedgefield Division).

George Alfred Spencer, esquire, County of Nottingham (Broxtowe Division).

Joseph Batey, esquire, County of Durham (Spennymoor Division).

Ernest Thurtle, esquire, Borough of Shorediteh.

Evan Davies, esquire, County of Monmouth (Ebbw Vale Division).

George Maitland Lloyd Davies, esquire, University of Wales.

William Edwin Pease, esquire, Borough of Darlington.

Gwilym Lloyd George, esquire, County of Pembroke.

David Rees Grenfell, esquire, County of Glamorgan (Gower Division).

Sir Herbert Austin, K.B.E., Borough of Birmingham (King's Norton Division).

Sir John Leigh, baronet, Borough of Wandsworth (Clapham Division).

Sir Charles Ernest Leonard Lyle, County of Essex (Epping Division).

Sir Clifford John Cory, baronet, County of Cornwall (St. Ives Division).

Douglas Percival Pielou, esquire, County of Worcester (Stourbridge Division).

Frank Briant, esquire, Borough of Lambeth (North Division).

Sir Robert Bland Bird, baronet, Borough of Wolverhampton (West Division).

Allan McLean, esquire, County of Norfolk (South-Western Division).

Richard George Briscoe, esquire, County of Cambridge.

Robert Rivington Pilkington, esquire, County of York, West Riding (Keighley Division).

William Albert Jenkins, esquire, County of Brecon and Radnor.

Malcolm Bullock, esquire, County of Lancaster (Waterloo Division).

Sir Walter de Frece, Borough of Ashton-under-Lyne.

Sir Henry Cecil Buckingham, C.B.E., County of Surrey (Guildford Division).

Cecil Randolph Dudgeon, esquire, County of Galloway.

Samuel Strang Steel, esquire, County of Kent (Ashford Division).

Walter John Montague-Douglas-Scott, esquire, commonly called Earl of Dalkeith, County of Roxburgh and Selkirk.

Herbert Wragg, esquire, County of Derby (Belper Division).

Sir Henry Leonard Campbell Brassey, baronet, County of Northampton (Peterborough Division).

Thomas Lowth, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Ardwick Division).

Sir Samuel Chapman, Burgh of Edinburgh (South Division).

John Joseph O'Neill, esquire, County of Lancaster (Lancaster Division).

Lieutenant - Colonel Herbert Henry Spender-Clay, C.M.G.. M.C., County of Kent (Tonbridge Division).

John Hope Simpson, esquire, C.I.E., County of Somerset (Taunton Division).

Robert Noton Barclay, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Exchange Division).

Arthur Strettell Comyns-Carr, esquire, Borough of Islington (East Division).

William Allen Jowitt, esquire, Borough of the Hartlepools.

William Norman Birkett, esquire, Borough of Nottingham (East Division).

Sir George Croydon Marks, County of Cornwall (Northern Division).

Right honourable Sir William Sutherland, K.C.B., County of Argyll.

Cyril Edward Lloyd, esquire, Borough of Dudley.

John Smedley Crooke, esquire, Borough of Birmingham (Deritend Division).

Herbert Willison, esquire, County of War-wick (Nuneaton Division).

James Nockells Horlick, esquire, Borough of Gloucester.

Right honourable Joseph Austen Chamberlain, Borough of Birmingham (West Birmingham Division).

Sir William Mitchell-Thomson, baronet, Borough of Croydon (South Division).

Gordon Ralph. Hall Caine, esquire, county of Dorset (Eastern Division).

Robert MacDonald, esquire, Burgh of Glasgow (Cathcart Division).

Major Sir Herbert Robin Cayzer, baronet, Borough of Portsmouth (South Division).

Edward Albert Lessing, esquire, County of Berks (Abingdon Division).

Henry Bucknall Betterton, esquire, County of Nottingham (Rushcliffe Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel George Loyd Court-hope, M.C., County of East Sussex (Rye Division).

Major Jack Benn Brunel Cohen, Borough of Liverpool (Fairfield Division).

Right honourable David Lloyd George, Carnarvon District of Boroughs.

Sir John De Fonblanque Pennefather, baronet, Borough of Liverpool (Kirk-dale Division).

Neville Woodford Smith - Carington, esquire, County of Parts of Kesteven and Rutland (Rutland and Stamford Division).

Admiral Sir Guy Reginald Archer Gaunt, K.C.M.G., C.B., County of York, East Riding (Buckrose Division).

Captain Edward Montagu Cavendish Stanley, commonly called Lord Stanley, County of Lancaster (Fylde Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Frederick Hall, baronet, K.B.E., D.S.O., Borough of Camberwell (Dulwich Division).

Mabel Philipson, County of Northumber-land (Berwick-upon-Tweed Division).

Somerville Hastings. esquire, Borough of Reading.

Sir Charles Coupar Barrie, K.B.E., County of Banff.

Thomas S. Dickson, esquire, County of Lanark (Lanark Division).

Percy Alfred Harris, esquire, Borough of Bethnal Green (South-West Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Webb, baronet, Borough of Cardiff (East Division).

George Richard Lane-Fox, esquire, County of York, West Riding (Bark-stone Ash Division).

Margaret Wintringham, County of Parts of Lindsey (Louth Division).

William Graham, esquire, Burgh of Edinburgh (Central Division).

Alfred Thomas Davies, esquire, C.B.E., Borough of Lincoln.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Dennis-ton Burney, C.M.G., R.N., County of Middlesex (Uxbridge Division).

Leonard Benjamin Franklin, esquire, Borough of Hackney (Central Division).

David Douglas Reid, esquire, County Down.

Sir Berkeley George Digby Sheffield, baronet, County of Parts of Lindsey (Brigg Division).

Right honourable Sir John Simon, K.C., County of York, West Riding (Spen Valley Division).

Lieutenant-Commander Reginald Thomas Herbert Fletcher, R.N., County of Hants (Basingstoke Division).

David Davies, esquire, County of Montgomery.

Sir Malcolm Martin Macnaghten, K.B.E., K.C., commonly called the Honourable Sir Malcolm Martin Macnaghten, K.B.E., K.C., County of Londonderry.

Sir Thomas Robinson, County of Lancaster (Stretford Division).

Innes Harold Stranger, esquire, County of Berkshire (Newbury Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Edward Guinness, D.S.O., commonly called the Honourable Walter Edward Guinness, County of West Suffolk (Bury St. Edmunds Division).

Charles William Darbishire, esquire, County of Wilts (Westbury Division).

Major Sir Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, baronet, C.M.G., County of Caithness and Sutherland.

Roundell Cecil Palmer, esquire, commonly called Viscount Wolmer, County of Hants (Aldershot Division).

Right honourable Sir Ellis Jones Ellis Griffith, baronet, County Of Carmarthen (Carmarthen Division).

Henry Ludwig Mond, esquire, County of Isle of Ely.

Katherine Marjory, Duchess of Atholl, County of Perth and Kinross (Kinross and Western Division).

Sir Leslie Frederic Scott, K.C., Borough of Liverpool (Exchange Division).

Nancy Witcher, Viscountess Astor, Borough of Plymouth (Sutton Division).

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