HC Deb 12 February 1924 vol 169 cc753-4

There are two important agreements which have been signed and which must he ratified. There is the Treaty with Turkey signed at Lausanne, and the more recent Treaty, which, I am glad to say, has just been signed between France and Spain, regarding Tangier. I am informed at the Foreign Office that definite pledges have been made that the Treaty of Lausanne will be the subject of discussion in this House before it is ratified. I am glad of that, and I think that that should be the rule rather than the exception. In any event, I propose to give time for a discussion of the Treaty of Lausanne, and upon that, to take the decision of the House. I am also informed that there is a desire on the part of considerable sections of this House to discuss the Treaty of Tangier. What I. propose to do regarding that Treaty is this—and perhaps it would not be bad if this were made a precedent for all Treaties.—I propose to have that Treaty printed without delay, and circulated. Should representations be made through the usual channels that a discussion is required upon it, then time will be granted for it.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Are we to understand that the House will have to ratify it?


The opinion of the House on the question of ratification will certainly be very important consideration for the Government, upon whose shoulders the responsibility of ratification rests. I understand, as far as this Treaty is concerned, that there are virtually no Papers worth laying on the Table. I have given instructions to have the matter looked into, and if I find that Papers are in existence which would be of any use or guidance to hon. and right hon. Members, I shall have those Papers laid. I think that at the moment it will be unnecessary to waste public money in producing any Papers at all.