HC Deb 05 August 1924 vol 176 cc2840-2

Considered in Committee, and reported, without Amendment.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Bill be now read the Third time."


I want to congratulate the Government upon getting this Bill through so expeditiously. This Measure will be a considerable advantage to the approved societies of the country, and I hope it may be as expeditiously worked as it has been passed this afternoon. I want to put one point to the responsible Member of the Government, and it is that societies would like to know whether following the passing of this consolidating Bill the Regula- tions that will follow will be brought forward promptly and quickly, because that is necessary in order to complete the work.


The reason why we are pressing this Bill forward before the Recess is because we want to issue the Regulations, and our intention is to have them completed so as to come into operation on 1st January next year.

Lieut.-Colonel FREMANTLE

The consolidation of these Acts is a matter of very serious importance as regards the actual efficiency of the administration. Again and again local governing bodies have been hindered by the lack of coordination and consolidation, because a proper carrying out of these Acts depends on people being able to see quickly what they can do and what they cannot do under them. This will be a valuable Measure to the approved societies, and we doctors are glad that the approved societies should have this Measure in order that they may realise the amount of things they can do, which hitherto they have not done. Anyone who studies this new Measure will see brought ready to hand what can be done, and I hope all those concerned with National Health Insurance will look carefully through the Bill, and they will see how very largely the Government have gone back from the original ideas of insurance. Prevention is better than cure, and this Measure is going to be largely a Measure of prevention. Large measures of prevention have been put into the Bill, and those who look through this Measure will find that there are many things they can work, which they have not worked in the past. I hope that by means of this Bill we shall be able to make a fresh start in order to get fresh preventive measures taken.


I think those who served on the Committee which dealt with this Measure will look upon the celerity with which the Bill has been passed as being a tribute to their labours. I regret that other Measures which we have consolidated in the same way have not been got through before the House rises. The Measures I refer to are the Housing (Scotland) Bill, the Town Planning Bill, and the Town Planning (Scotland) Bill, which are purely consolidating Measures with one or two trifling Amendments of the law. I regret we have not carried those Bills through in the same manner. Perhaps there is a special urgency for this Bill, and the House, I think, is desirous of giving effect to this Measure as soon as possible. I hope that other big Measures will be consolidated in the same way, because it will be better for the layman as well as for the lawyer. I trust that the Government early in the Autumn Session will take other consolidating Measures, and have the way clear for the biggest consolidating Measure of all, that is, the one relating to real property in this country.