HC Deb 05 August 1924 vol 176 cc2750-1
70 and 71. Mr. VIANT

asked the Minister of Health (1) if he is aware that when a levy is imposed by an approved society on account of a deficiency in its administrative fund, any member failing to pay the same, the amount of the levy is deducted from each and every week's sickness pay in the following year, so that a member failing to pay a levy of 2s. would have £2 12s. deducted in the event of his claiming 26 weeks' sickness benefit in the following year; and, if so, whether these deductions have received his sanction;

(2) whether the whole amount deducted from the benefit of a member of an approved society is credited to the administrative fund or only the amount of the unpaid levy?


The National Health Insurance Act, 1918, provides for a penalty by way of reduced benefits being imposed on members of a society who fail to pay a levy within the proper time. The penalty under the Regulations is a reduction in the rate of sickness or disablement benefit payable during the next benefit year, the reduction in the weekly rate of sickness benefit being 6d. for each 6d. or part of 6d. comprised in the amount of the levy. Where the produce of the levy is less than the deficiency in the administration account, the amount transferred from the benefit fund to that account is the additional sum required to extinguish the deficiency.