HC Deb 09 May 1923 vol 163 cc2344-5
80. Mr. LEACH

asked the Minister of Health if he can now give statistics of working-class houses which have been built since the War by private builders without State assistance?


The statistics desired by the hon. Member are not available.


How many centuries will elapse before we get the statistics?

81. Mr. C. BUXTON

asked the Minister of Health what is the number of working-class houses built by municipalities and private builders, respectively, in Great Britain during the years 1904 to 1914?


During the period 1904–1914 loans were sanctioned under the Housing Acts to local authorities in England and Wales for the erection of 8,381 houses. Information as to the number built by private enterprise is not available, but according to the Inland Revenue Returns as to Inhabited House Duty, there was a net increase of 628,589 houses of under £20 annual value in England and Wales during this period.


Is it the fact that information as to the number of houses built by private enterprise is not available because there were none?


Obviously not, because, as I have pointed out in the answer, loans were sanctioned for municipalities to build themselves over 8,000 houses, whereas the total increase in the number of houses was 628,000, so that the difference must represent what was built by private enterprise.

82. Mr. BUXTON

further asked the Minister of Health whether, in view of the statement of the chairman of the London County Council Housing Committee, on 28th November, 1922, that the class of house required by the working classes would not be built by private enterprise, he will take steps to grant additional facilities for municipal building in London?


I understand that the statement of the chairman of the London County Council Housing Committee had reference to building by private enterprise without assistance; the Bill now before the House provides for such assistance being given.