HC Deb 02 May 1923 vol 163 cc1340-1

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs why a passport was refused in September, 1922, to Mr. Andrew Rothstein, a British subject desiring to travel to Russia?

Lieut.-Colonel BUCKLEY

The passport was refused because, in view of Mr. Rothstein's intimate connections with the Soviet Government and of the fact that his Russian parentage should entitle him to receive a Russian passport, it did not seem desirable to extend to him the facilities and privileges which the possession of a British passport would confer on him abroad.


Is there any precedent for a British subject, who has served in the British Army, being referred to a foreign Power for a passport?

Lieut.-Colonel BUCKLEY

If the gentleman is of Russian parentage and is entitled to a Russian passport, is that not good enough for him?


Are there not members of the aristocracy who are of German and Russian descent and all kinds of descent?

Captain Viscount CURZON

And members of the Labour party, too.


Yes; why not? I do not confine my remark to any particular class. This is a disgrace. It is done simply because he is only a workman's son.