HC Deb 29 March 1923 vol 162 cc703-5
30. Mr. HOWARD

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what steps, if any, have been taken or are proposed in order to give effect to the recommendation of the Geddes Committee that an inquiry should he made into the pay of the fighting services, teachers, and police?

49. Captain TERRELL

asked the Prime Minister, whether, seeing that the Geddes Committee suggested the appointment of a special committee or committees to inquire into the remuneration paid. to Government employés generally, such a committee has been appointed; and, if not, what are the intentions of the Government with respect to any future appointment?

The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER (Mr. Baldwin)

The recommendation of the Geddes Committee was that a special investigation should be made into the pay of the fighting services, teachers and police. His Majesty's Government have carefully considered this recommendation. It appears to them, in view of the fact that Teachers and Police are employees of Local Authorities, that the pay of these services would more properly form the subject of separate inquiry, and that it would be desirable on the other hand to extend the scope of the recommendation of the Geddes Committee as applicable to State Servants so as to include the Civil Service as well as the Fighting Services. They have accordingly decided to set up an authoritative Committee to enquire into the present standard of remuneration and other conditions of employment of the various classes of State Servants employed in the Civil Service and in the three Fighting Services, and to make recommendations thereon. I am glad to be able to inform the House that the Government have been fortunate enough to secure the services for this purpose of the following gentlemen: Sir Alan Garratt Anderson, K.B.E. (Chairman). General the Hon. Sir Herbert Lawrence, K.C.B. Sir W. Peter Rylands. The Committee are being asked to include in their report a classified statement of increase in the numbers and cost of personnel in these Services consequent on duties imposed on them since July, 1914, and the expansion of duties then existing.


Will it be competent for this Committee, or the Committee which the right hon. Gentleman mentioned a few days ago, to deal with the question of initial salaries of temporary ex-service men appointed to permanent posts?


That will be within the competence of the Committee which I have just announced.


Will the Committee have power to consider the consolidation of the Civil Service pay and bonuses?


I could not answer that without notice.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Will this Committee, in the course of its inquiries, look into the pay of the Members of the Government and especially the pensions drawn by ex-Lord Chancellors and ex-Cabinet Ministers?


Will the right hon. Gentleman say whether the appointment of Sir Peter Rylands to this Committee is intended as a confirmation or support of the claim of the Federation of British Industries that they obtain representation on practically all Government Committees?


I think the experience of the gentlemen whose services we have secured will be sufficient.


Arising out of the right hon. Gentleman's supplementary answer about the initial pay of temporary ex-service men, is he aware that he said it would be within the competence of the Committee, and will he say that it will be considered in fact? Will he also say. in view of the urgency of that particular question, that he will ask the Committee to address themselves to this question first?


The question of the pay must necessarily be considered, but I will take the request of my hon. Friend into consideration.


Will the Committee have power to recommend better treatment to the humbler grades of Civil servants if they think it necessary?


Am I right in assuming that the Government is not including teachers in this connection?


That is so.


May I have an answer to my question whether the Committee will have power to recommend better treatment for the humbler grades of Civil servants, if they consider it necessary?


I should say so.