HC Deb 26 March 1923 vol 162 cc30-1

asked the Minister of Agriculture under what circumstances two grants of £80 each in respect of the hire of stallions by the Colchester Heavy Horse Society were withheld after a definite promise had been given by the live-stock officer of the Ministry on 31st December, 1921, that such grants would he made; and whether he is aware that, in consequence of the grants not being forthcoming, the Colchester Heavy Horse Society has been placed in a serious financial position and its further activities curtailed?


In accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on National Expenditure, the provision for live-stock improvement was reduced and the grants to Heavy Horse Societies had, therefore, to be withdrawn in 1922. Societies were warned in November, 1921, of this possibility, and the live-stock officer concerned has reported that he gave no undertaking as to the renewal of the grants. I much regret that it was necessary to withdraw these grants and any misunderstanding that may have arisen in this case.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that. the live-stock officer of the Ministry was actually present at the society's meeting at which this decision was taken to hire these horses, and that the decision was taken on the promise of the live-stock officer?


No, Sir, I was not aware of that.

Regular Workers. Casual Workers. Total.
Males. Women and Girls. Males. Women and Girls.
1913 508,000 43,000 78,000 22,000 651,000
1921 612,000 73,000 131,000 53,000 869,000

Note.—The figures for 1913 do not include members of the occupier's family; those for 1921 do not, include the occupier and his wife, but include all other members of the family working on the holding. Returns of the numbers of workers employed on agricultural holdings were not collected in 1920 or 1922.