HC Deb 19 March 1923 vol 161 c2057
9. Lieut.-Colonel JAMES

asked the Secretary for Mines the amount of coal supplied free, or at prices below market rates, to the miners in the Durham and Northumberland districts during the months of December, 1922, and January, 1923; and what would have been the cost of this coal to the miners if they had been obliged to purchase it at the market rates?

The SECRETARY for MINES (Lieut.-Colonel Lane-Fox)

The quantities of coal supplied free of charge during the months of December, 1922, and January, 1923, to miners in Durham were 131,193 tons and 141,409 tons respectively, and to miners in Northumberland 52,413 tons and 55,778 tons respectively. No coal was sold at preferential rates to miners in these districts. I have not the information that would enable me to say what the cost of the free coal would have been to the miners if it had been purchased at the market rates.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that the coal supplied to the miners in Durham is not the best coal, but generally the worst coal that comes from the mines?

Lieut.-Colonel LANE-FOX

I am afraid I have not looked into that.