HC Deb 14 March 1923 vol 161 c1613

It is on that account that, judged by the test of expenditure in comparison with its size, our Air Force costs a considerable sum of money. All the more because it is a small force we have to concentrate upon such problems as the problem of training. I have been very much struck since I have been connected with the Air Ministry with the great variety and intensiveness of the training that is now being given. By our training we are doing everything that we can to bring the officers and men to the highest point of air efficiency. I wish that hon. Members would find time to visit one or two of our training establishments, for instance, Halton, where the boys are trained, or Cranwell, that is the Sandhurst of the Air Force, where the cadets are trained. They would there see for themselves the variety of the intensive training that is going on.