HC Deb 31 July 1923 vol 167 cc1253-4
Major-General Sir R. HUTCHISON

(by Private Notice) asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether, in view of the rapid fluctuations in the mark, he is now in a position to announce the steps which will be taken to safeguard the interests of soldiers of the Rhine army in the matter?


Arrangements are now being made which will enable the soldier to purchase goods at the canteens at the same rate in marks for the £1 sterling as that at which he receives his army pay. These arrangements will come into effect by next pay-day, the 3rd August.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Would it not be practicable to pay soldiers in sterling if they so desire, on giving a month's notice?


That point has been raised on many occasions, and I have stated why we cannot do it. I have made these arrangements, which I think will meet the situation.

Lieut.-Colonel J. WARD

Having been in a similar difficulty myself, I invite the hon. Gentleman to tell me why the British soldier who has enlisted for so many shillings or pence a day cannot receive that money wherever he is, but must be paid in some foreign coinage that fluctuates from hour to hour. There is some swindle behind it, I am certain.


The hon. and gallant Member should be aware, seeing that he has served so much abroad, that it is the invariable custom to pay the troops in the currency of the country in which they are stationed.

Lieut.-Colonel WARD

I know, and I want to get at the reason for it.


If we paid in sterling we would not get the marks from Germany which at the present time we are getting.

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