HC Deb 30 July 1923 vol 167 c1011
22. Mr. HARRIS

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what arrangements, if any, have been made for the payment by Turkey of reparations?


Under Article 58 of the Peace Treaty signed at Lausanne on 24th July, 1923, Turkey and the other signatory Powers (except Greece) agreed reciprocally to renounce all claims for reparations. By the same Article Turkey renounced all claim to £5,000,000 Turkish in gold transferred to the Allies under the Treaties with Germany and Austria. It is intended to apply this gold to the payment of claims against Turkey by Allied nationals.


Am I to understand that Turkey is paying nothing after all the damage done and all the lives lost; that she is to be the only one of our late enemies to pay nothing towards the cost of the War?


If the hon. Member studies the Peace Treaty, which will shortly be in his hands, he will be able to answer that question himself.