HC Deb 10 July 1923 vol 166 cc1168-9
43. Mr. HARRIS

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport whether the Electricity Commissioners have issued a Report on their work; and will such Report be submitted to Parliament?

Colonel ASHLEY

The Commissioners have issued two Annual Reports which are on sale as Stationery Office publications. Their third Annual Report is in course of preparation. The Electricity (Supply) Acts do not provide for the submission of a Report by the Commissioners to Parliament. Under Section 30 of the Electric Lighting Act, 1882, however, the Minister of Transport is required to present to Parliament on or before 1st July in each year a Report of the applications to and proceedings before him under the Acts. Each of the Reports presented by the Minister contains a summary of the work of the Commissioners during the periods covered by the Reports. The last Report of the Minister was presented to the House of Commons on 28th June, 1923.


Are these Commissioners responsible to a Government Department or to Parliament, or are they a law to themselves? Should their Report be issued to Parliament?


Is it not a fact that these Commissioners are holding up a lot of work by refusing loans?

Colonel ASHLEY

The Commissioners are responsible to me and I am responsible to Parliament.


Is it not a fact that the effect of the Commissioners' work is to prevent a great deal of the chaos that previously existed?

Colonel ASHLEY

They are doing very valuable work indeed.

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