HC Deb 10 July 1923 vol 166 cc1151-2

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War when it is proposed to station once again Scottish soldiers in Edinburgh Castle?

Lieut.-Colonel GUINNESS

There will be a guard at the Castle as at present, and as for many years past. In view, however, of the antiquated and inconvenient character of the Castle barracks, which would require a large sum to put them into proper repair, and in view also of the impossibility of securing adequate training for a separate detachment there, it is proposed to maintain the existing system, under which the guard is found daily by the unit stationed at Redford barracks. The party forming the guard will come one morning and will be relieved the next.


Will not the right hon. Gentleman consider putting a company as garrison for Edinburgh Castle? After all, it is only battalion training that is interfered with, and—[HON MEMBERS: "Order, order!"]


Is it not the fact that for centuries, as a matter of right, the Castles of Edinburgh and Stirling have had detachments of troops; and, further, is it not the fact that His Majesty the King is there now, and that he is presented with a detachment of men who are badly equipped, and who, consequently, are not in a position to uphold their regimental traditions?