HC Deb 10 July 1923 vol 166 cc1315-6

This Act shall apply to Scotland subject to the following modifications:

  1. (a) The twenty-eighth day of May shall be substituted for the twenty-fourth 1316 day of June; the Scottish Board of Health shall be substituted for the Minister of Health; references to the Registrar of a County Court shall not apply; and "exciseable liquor" shall be substituted for "intoxicating liquor";
  2. (b) For removing doubts it is hereby declared that nothing in the principal Act affects the operation of the House Letting and Rating (Scotland) Act, 1920, and the reference in Sub-section (2) of Section one of the last mentioned Act to the provisions of Acts repealed by the principal Act shall be construed as a reference to the provisions of Section three of the principal Act.


The two remaining Amendments on the Paper in the name of the hon. Member for Dumbartonshire (Sir W. Raeburn)—at the end of Clause 16 to insert a new paragraph— The landlord shall, in respect of all rates imposed upon him as owner for the current year of assessment and thereafter so long as the principal Act shall continue in force, be entitled, in settling with the assessing authorities, to such deduction from the amount payable as shall reduce the same to the amount whch would have been payable if the assessment had been imposed on the basis of the rate in force on the third day of August, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and to insert a further new paragraph— All assessments leviable in Scotland upon the owners and occupiers in respect of houses to which the principal Act applies shall during the current assessment year ending at Whitsunday, nineteen hundred and twenty-four, and thereafter so long as the principal Act continues in force, be leviable only upon the basis of the annual rent or value as appearing on the valuation roll for the year ending at Whitsunday, nineteen hundred and fifteen. are both out of Order, as they are outside the scope of the Bill.

Bill to be read the Third time upon Friday next.