HC Deb 04 July 1923 vol 166 cc436-7

asked the Under-Secretary to the Scottish Board of Health if he will say, with reference to the small holding at Harrietsfield, on the Ancrum House estate, recently vacated, how many applicants there were for the holding; what the increase of rent was; if the rent was increased with the approval of the Scottish Board of Agriculture; and whether the new tenant of the holding has the full protection of the Small Holdings Act?

Captain ELLIOT

I am not in a position to reply to the first part of the question because applications for vacated holdings fall to be made to the proprietor and not to the Board of Agriculture for Scotland. I understand that the rent has been increased from £30 to £52 by agreement between the proprietor and the ingoing holder. Such agreements do not require the approval of the Board of Agriculture. I am informed that joint application is being made to the Land Court by the proprietor and the tenant for registration of the tenant as a landholder, which, if granted, will give him the tenure of the Landholders Acts.