HC Deb 02 July 1923 vol 166 c27

asked the Prime Minister whether, as the gross expenditure for the current year on the fighting Forces is nearly £60,000,000 above pre-War, exclusive of the recently announced increase of the Air Force, he will appoint a small Commission to ascertain whether there is waste in the Services; and whether the country is getting defensive value for the sums expended?


His Majesty's Government have at present under consideration the Reports which they have received on Army and Navy establishments. A Committee, under Sir Alan Anderson, is inquiring into the pay of Crown servants including the members of the fighting Services. The Service Departments have been asked to furnish provisional estimates for 1924–25. When these are received I will consider the method to be adopted for examining them. As at present advised I do not consider the appointment of a further Commission desirable.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that a great deal of waste is now going on as a result of overlapping between the Services; and would it not be desirable to have a Committee or Commission to inquire whether the Services could not be co-ordinated, so that the country might get defensive value for the money spent?


That is one of the subjects which is now engaging the attention of the Committee of Imperial Defence. I am not so fond of Commissions as other hon. Members seem to be.