HC Deb 26 April 1923 vol 163 cc680-2

May I ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what business he proposes to take next week?


Monday: (1) Local Authorities (Emergency Provisions) Bill; Report and Third Reading. (2) Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Continuance) Bill; Second Reading. (3) Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Bill; Report and Third Reading. (4) Explosives Bill [H.L.]; Second Reading. (5) Housing, etc. (No. 2) Bill Money Resolution; Committee.

Tuesday: Supply (Navy Votes, 10, 13, 14, and 15). Housing Bill, etc. (No. 2) Money Resolution; Report.

Wednesday: Stages of Bills not taken on Monday, and, if time permits, Agricultural Holdings [Lords] Bill; Second Reading. Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) [Lords] Bill; Second Reading. Mines (Working Facilities and Support) [Lords] Bill; Second Reading. Criminal Justice Bill; Second Reading.

Thursday: Rent Restrictions (Notice of Increase) Bill; Report.


Arising out of the announcement of the business for Tuesday, do the Government intend to take the Report stage of the Money Resolution on the Housing Bill after 11 at night?


Those Report stages generally are taken after 11.

Captain BENN

Does the Chancellor of the Exchequer really propose, in view of the great interest of this Money Resolution, especially to Scottish Members, to take the Committee stage late one night, namely, on Monday, as it is the fifth Order on the Paper, and the Report stage after 11 the next night?


It is very important, as the House will realise, to get this Resolution through, because, as the hon. and gallant Member is aware, until it is through no progress can be made with the Bill, and, after all, the main discussion on everything connected with housing comes on the Bill really more than on the Resolution.


Would it be possible for the Government to reconsider Monday's business, as it has been announced that the Money Resolution on the Housing Bill is the fifth Order? I think the right hon. Gentleman will find that on Tuesday, after having set up Supply, he cannot, without being unable to count it as a Supply day, bring in this Resolution before 11 o'clock.


I quite see the hon. Member's point. In regard to the progress of the Resolution, I think it would be a good thing, perhaps, if further consultation took place through the usual channels, but, of course, it is possible, as the hon. Member knows, by a Motion to be able to take the Report Stage of the Resolution on an allotted day.

Captain BENN

In any such communications, will the right hon. Gentleman bear in mind the advisability of consulting Scottish Members?


In view of the great importance of housing in Scotland, will the right hon. Gentleman place this Money Resolution on the Paper as first Order on Tuesday, in order that we may, once and for all, have the chance of discussing the housing problem from the Scottish point of view?


I do not think that would be possible, and I do not think we shall get much further by discussing this question of the course of business across the Floor of the House.


In relation to the Rent Restriction and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Continuance) Bill, can the right hon. Gentleman say whether the Minister will be in a position to announce the proposals for the principal Bill on that topic, namely, the Bill which is to continue and amend the existing Act, before the Second Reading is taken?


That is rather out of order now.


In regard to the right hon. Gentleman's statement, may I point out that in the principal discussion on the Bill we did not get an adequate discussion of the financial provisions, and, unless we can amend the Money Resolution, we shall be prevented from moving any of our Amendments to extend the scope of the Bill.


It really is not the case that the finance of a Bill is discussed on Second Reading and, in this case, among other reasons, because at the time the Minister of Health opened the debate on Second Reading the White Paper had not been circulated.


All those considerations shall be taken into account.