HC Deb 18 April 1923 vol 162 c2037
41. Mr. T. THOMSON

asked the Minister of Health the additional sum required in rent each week to cover the extra cost of land required if 12 houses instead of 20 houses are planned per acre in both urban and rural areas?


Any figure based upon cost of land only would be misleading, as cost of development would enter also into the difference in rent required.


Is it not possible to give the figures and let us draw our own conclusions from the facts supplied by the Minister?


If the hon. Member only desires to know the difference in the cost of land, it merely involves a simple arithmetical sum, which I think he is perfectly competent to do.

Captain BENN

Is it the intention to go back on Lord Downham's pledge, that only 12 to the acre should be built?


I am not aware of any such pledge.