HC Deb 17 April 1923 vol 162 cc1874-5

asked the Secretary for Mines under what special Regulations made under the Metalliferous Mines Act provision is made for the introduction of, the use of, and the conditions governing the use of dry rock-drills in the iron-ore mines; and whether, having regard to the wide differences of opinion existing among medical and other experts as to the extent of the injurious effects caused by their use and the belief of the men who use them that they are injurious, he will insist upon approved water-spraying boring-drills being used in all iron-ore mines where dry rock-drilling machines are now in use or may be used in the future?

The SECRETARY for MINES (Lieut.-Colonel Lane-Fox)

There are no special Regulations under the Metalliferous Mines Act governing the use of dry rock-drills in the iron-ore mines. As I informed the hon. Member on the 7th March, I am taking the views of my Health Advisory Committee on this subject, and when I receive their report I will inform the hon. Member of the result.


If it is really true that without. law and without regulation the illegal and dangerous use of these dry rock-drills is being persisted in day after day and supported by the Mines Department, if there are no laws and no regulations, will the practice be discontinued at once?

Lieut.-Colonel LANE-FOX

If there is no law, obviously there cannot be anything illegal.