HC Deb 29 November 1922 vol 159 c673

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether His Majesty's Government is in possession of information to the effect that Mrs. Marguerite Harrison was arrested by the Soviet authorities as an American spy and obtained her release by consenting to act as a Soviet spy and, further, to the effect that in her capacity of Soviet informer she was responsible for the false imprisonment of Mrs. Stan Harding, a British journalist; and whether His Majesty's Government has taken any steps to secure redress from the United States Government for the misdeeds of its agent?


Reports of the nature indicated have reached His Majesty's Government, but sufficient evidence has not been forthcoming to prove how far they are accurate.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that this lady is nearly exhausted, physically, mentally, and financially, in pressing this claim on the British Government; and will he receive a deputation consisting of representatives of the Institute of Journalists, the National Union of Journalists, the National Council of Women of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Society of Women Journalists?


The hon. Member knows that I and the Government are entirely in sympathy with this lady, and if he will see me privately I will see whether that can be done.

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