HC Deb 29 November 1922 vol 159 cc671-2
5. Mr. MOREL

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the continued occupation of Montenegro by Serbian troops and the administration of that country by Serbian officers has the approval of His Majesty's Government; whether any treaty or convention to which His Majesty's Government is a party is in existence whereby the sovereign independence of Montenegro has been abrogated; if so, whether the text of such treaty or convention can be laid upon the Table of the House; and whether, in the event of no such treaty or convention being in existence, His Majesty's Government will use its position on the Council of the League of Nations to press for an inquiry into the conditions now prevailing in Montenegro, and will use its influence to restore to the people of that country their sovereign independence recognised under treaties to which previous British Governments were signatory parties?


As Montenegro forms an integral part of the Kingdom of the Serbs. Croats and Slovenes, His Majesty's Government are not called upon to express any opinion concerning the disposal of the country's troops within the State. The answer to parts 2, 3 and 4 is in the negative.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Does my hon. Friend agree personally with this opinion of His Majesty's Government?


The question is conceived in the policy of the Government. If my hon. Friend is interested in my personal opinions, he must ascertain them privately.


Since when has Montenegro formed a portion of the Serb-Croat and Slovene Kingdom?


That is a fait accompli which was accepted by His Majesty's Government and the Allied Governments.


Will the hon. Member lay on the Table the reports of His Majesty's Minister at Belgrade on the condition of Montenegro?


I will inquire if that can be done.