HC Deb 28 November 1922 vol 159 cc537-67

Considered in Committee.

[Mr. JAMES HOPE in the Chair.]


Before we enter on the Committee Stage of this Bill, I should like to say a word or two on a matter of order. Clause 1 of this Bill gives the force of law to all the Articles set forth in the Schedules of the Bill, which are Schedules of an Irish Act. These are specific documents. Any alterations made in them would be inconsistent with the description in Clause 1. It therefore follows that, if Clause 1 be once passed, no Amendment to either of the Schedules of the Bill would be possible. If, therefore, any Member wishes to amend either of the Schedules he must do so by way of addition or proviso to Clause 1.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Constitution of Irish Free State.) 8,270 words
  2. cc559-62
  3. CLAUSE 3.—(Power of Irish Free State to adopt Acts applicable to other Dominions.) 1,360 words
  4. cc562-7
  5. CLAUSE 4.—(Saving.) 1,172 words
    1. SHEDULE.
      1. cc565-7
      2. CONSTITUENT ACT. 783 words