HC Deb 24 November 1922 vol 159 cc175-82

I beg to move, That, until the end of the Session, no Public Bills, other than Government Bills, be introduced, and no ballot be taken for determining the precedence of such Bills. Perhaps I may be allowed to say a word or two on the three Motions dealing with procedure which stand in my name on the Paper. In the first two, we are simply asking that the full time of the House shall be given to public business throughout the Session. As every Member of the House knows, this Session has been called for a special purpose, and, as there is very little time in which to get that work done, I venture to hope there will be no opposition to these Motions.

The arrangement suggested in the third Motion was tried in the last Parliament and found to work successfully, and I do not think there will be any difference of opinion upon it.


With reference to the third Resolution, I think there will be no difficulty. I believe the arrangement was tried in the last Parliament, and met with the general consent of the House. "With reference, however, to the other two, I am afraid I cannot facilitate the right hon. Gentleman. We do not know how long the Session

may last, but, whether it be long or short, the rights of private Members must be maintained. The right hon. Gentleman knows that we shall offer no objection to the quickest possible despatch of the Irish Bills, but there are other things that may crop up Yesterday, for instance, it was suggested that there might be some action taken regarding the Rent Restrictions Act. That can only be met with the strongest opposition on this side of the House. Moreover, we have not yet been put in possession of the. Government's unemployment policy. That may require very considerable discussion, and, if it be not forthcoming, that discussion may entail the use of their privileges by private Members in putting down Resolutions. Lausanne, a very important matter, is going on from day to day, and at any moment something may arise which would necessitate the intervention of the Opposition. We might require discussion, and we shall certainly, in those circumstances, be unwilling to forego any of the rights we have under the ordinary Standing Orders of the House. I regret, therefore, that I must offer opposition to the first and second Resolutions.

Question put, That, until the end of the Session, no Public Bills, other than Government Bills, be introduced, and no ballot be taken for determining the precedence of such Bills.

The House divided: Ayes, 239; Noes, 135.

Division No. 1.] AYES. [12.17 p.m.
Alnsworth, Captain Charles Brown, Brlg.-Gen. Clifton (Newbury) Crook. C. W. (East Ham, North)
Alexander, Col. M. (Southwark) Brown, J. W. (Middlesbrough, E.) Crooke, J. S. (Deritend)
Allen, Lieut.-Col. Sir William James Bruton, Sir James Curzon, Captain Viscount
Amery, Rt. Hon. Leopold C. M. S. Buckley, Lieut.-Colonel A. Davles, Thomas (Cirencester)
Apsley, Lord Burn, Col. C. R. (Devon, Torquay) Davison, Sir W. H. (Kensington, S.)
Archer-Shee. Lieut.-Colonel Martin Burney, Com. (Middx., Uxbrldge) Dawson, Sir Philip
Ashley, Lt.-Col. Wilfrid W. Butler, H. M. (Leeds, North) Doyle, N. Grattan
Astor, J. J. (Kent, Dover) Butt, Sir Alfred Edge, Captain Sir William
Aator, Viscountess Cadogan, Major Edward Edmondson, Major A. J.
Baird, Rt. Hon. Sir John Lawrence Campion, Lieut.-Colonel W. R. Elliot, Capt. Walter E. (Lanark)
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Cassels, J. D. Elveden, Viscount
Balfour, Georqe (Hampstead) Cautley, Henry Strother England, Lieut.-Colonel A.
Barlow, Rt. Hon. Sir Montague Cayzer, Sir C. (Chester, City) Erskine, James Malcolm Montelth
Barnett, Major Richard W. Cecil, Rt. Hon. Lord R. (Hitchln) Erskine, Lord (Weston-super-Mare)
Becker, Harry Chadwlck, Sir Robert Burton Erskine-Boist, Captain C.
Bell, Lieut. Col. W. C. H. (Devizes) Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. N. (Ladywood) Eyres-Monsell, Com. Bolton M.
Bellairs, Commander Carlyon W. Chapman, Sir S. Falcon, Captain Michael
Benn, Sir A. S. (Plymouth, Drake) Churchman, Sir Arthur Falle, Major Sir Bertram Godfray
Berry, Sir George Clarry, Reginald George Fermor-Hesketh, Major T.
Betterton, Henry B. Clay, Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Spender Fildes, Henry
Birchall, J. Dearman Clayton, G. C. Flanagan, W. H.
Bird, Sir R. B. {Wolverhampton, W.) Coates, Lt.-Col. Norman Ford, Patrick Johnston
Blades, Sir George Rowland Cockerlll, Brigadier-General G. K. Foxcro[...]t, Captain Charles Talbot
Blundell, F. N. Colfox, Major Wm. Phillips Frece, Sir Walter de
Bowyer, Captain G. W. E. Collie, Sir John Fremantle, Lieut.-Colonel Francis E.
Boyd-Carpenter, Major A. Colvln, Brig.-General Richard Beale Furness, G. J.
Brass, Captain W. Conway, Sir W. Martin Ganzoni, Sir John
Brassey, Sir Leonard Courthope, Lieut.-Col. George L. Gardiner, James
Bridgeman, Rt. Hon. William Clive Craig, Captain C. C. (Antrim, South) Gates, Percy
Briggs, Harold Cralk, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Gaunt, Rear-Admiral Sir Guy R.
Britta[...]n, Sir Harry Croft, Lieut.-Colonel Henry Page Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir John
Greene, Lt.-Col. Sir w. (Hack'y, N.) Lorimer, H. D. Rodgerson, Captain J. E.
Greenwood, William (Stockport) Lort-Williams, J. Roundell, Colonel R. F.
Gretton, Colonel John Loyd, Arthur Thomas (Abingdon) Russell, Alexander West- (Tynemouth)
Grigg. Sir Edward Lumley, L. R. Russell, William (Bolton)
Guinness, Lieut.-Col. Hon. W. E. Lynn, R. J. Samuel, A. M. (Surrey, Farnham)
Gwynne, Rupert S. M'Conned, Thomas E. Samuel, Samuel (W'dsworth, Putney)
Hacking, Captain Douglas H. Macnaghten, Hon. Sir Malcolm Sanders, Colonel Sir Robert Arthur
Hall, Rr-Adml Sir W.(Liv'p'l, W. D'by) Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J. Sanderson, Sir Frank B.
Halstead, Major D. McNeill, Ronald (Kent, Canterbury) Sheffield, Sir Berkeley
Hamilton, Sir George C. (Altrincham) Makins, Brigadier-General E. Shepperson, E. W.
Hannon, Patrick Joseph Henry Malone, Major P. B. (Tottenham, S.) Shipwright, Captain D.
Harmsworth, Hon. E. C. (Kent) Margesson, H. D. R. Simms, Dr. John M. (Co. Down)
Harrison, F. C. Mason, Lieut.-Col. C. K. Skelton, A. N.
Harvey, Major S. E. Mercer, Colonel H. Somervllle, A. A. (Windsor)
Hay, Major T. W. (Norfolk, South) Milne, J. S. Wardlaw Somerville, D. G. (Barrow-ln-Furn'ss)
Hennessy, Major J. R. G. Mitchell, W. F. (Saffron Walden) Sparkes, H. W.
Herbert, Col. Hon. A. (Yeovil) Moles, Thomas Stanley, Lord
Herbert, Dennis (Hertford, Watford) Molloy, Major L. G. S. Steel, Major S. Strang
Herbert, S. (Scarborough) Moore-Brabazon, Lieut.-Col. J. T. C. Stewart, Gershom
Hewett, Sir J. P. Morden, Col. W. Grant Stuart, Lord C. Cr[...]chton-
H[...]lder, Lieut.-Colonel Frank Morrison, Hugh Stott, Lt.-Col. W. H.
Hiley, Sir Ernest Morrison-Bell, Major A. C. Sudden, W. H.
Hogg, Rt. Hon. Sir D. (St. Marylebone) Murchlson, C. K. Sutcliffe, T.
Holbrook, Sir Arthur Richard Nall, Major Joseph Sykes, Sir Charles (Huddersfield)
Hood, Sir Joseph Newton, Sir D. G. C. (Cambridge) Terrell, Captain R. (Oxford, Henley)
Hopkins, John W. W. Nicholson, Brig.-Gen. J. (Westminster) Thomson, Luke (Sunderland)
Houfto[...], John Plowright Nicholson, William G. (Petersfield) Thomson, F. C. (Aberdeen, S.)
Howard, Capt. D. (Cumberland, N.) Nield, Sir Herbert Titchfleld, Marquess of
Howard-Bury, Lieut.-Col. C. K. Norton-Griffiths, Lieut.-Col. Sir John Tryon, Rt. Hon. George Clement
Hudson, Capt. A. Ormsby-Gore, Hon. William Tubbs, S. W.
Hughes, Collingwood Paget, T. G. Vaughan-Morgan, Col. K. P.
Hunter-Weston, Lt.-Gen. Sir Aylmer Parker, Owen (Kettering) Wallace, Captain E.
Hurd, Percy A. Penny, Frederick George Watson, Capt. J. (Stockton-on-Tees)
Hurst, Lt.-Col. Gerald Berkeley Percy, Lord Eustace (Hastings) Watts, Dr. T. (Man., Withington)
Hutchison, G. A. C. (Peebles, N.) Perkins, Colonel E. K. Wells, S. R.
Hutchison, W. (Kelvingrove) Per[...]ng, William George Wheler, Col. Granville C. H.
Jackson. Lieut.-Colonel Hon. F. S. Pielou, D. P. White, Lt.-Col. G. D. (Southport)
J[...]phcotr, A. R. Pownall, Lieut.-Colonel Assheton Whltla, Sir William
Johnson, Sir L. (Walthamstow, E.) Rankin, Captain James Stuart Willey, Arthur
Joynson-Hicks, Sir William Rawson, Lieut.-Com. A. C. Winterton, Earl
Kelley, Major Fred (Rotherham) Rees, Sir Beddoe Wise, Frederick
Kennedy, Captain M. S. Nigel Reid, Capt. A. S. C. (Warrington) Wolmer, Viscount
King, Capt. Henry Douglas Remer, J. R. Wood, Rt. Hn. Edward F. L. (Ripon)
Kinloch-Cooke, Sir Clement Remnant, Sir James Woodcock, Colonel H. C.
Lamb, J. Q. Reynolds, W. G. W. Worthington-Evans, Rt. Hon. Sir L.
Lane-Fox, G. R. Rhodes, Lieut.-col. J. P. Yerburgh, R. D. T.
Law, Rt. Hon. A. B. (Glasgow, C.) Richardson, Lt.-Col. Sir P. (Chertsey)
Lloyd, Cyril E. (Dudley) Roborts, Samuel (Hereford, Hereford) TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Lloyd-Greame, Rt. Hon. Sir Philip Roberts, Rt. Hon. Sir S. (Ecclesall) Colonel Gibbs and Major Barnston.
Lorden, John William Robertson, J. D. (Islington, W.)
Adamson. Rt. Hon. William Grenfell, D. R. (Glamorgan) MacDonald, J. R. (Aberavon)
Adamson, W. M. (Staff., Cannock) Greenwood, A. (Nelson and colne) M'Entee, V. L.
Alexander, A. V. (Sheffield, Hillsbro') Griffiths, T. (Monmouth, Pontypool) McLaren, Andrew
Attlee, C. R. Groves, T. Maclean, Nell (Glasgow, Govan)
Barker, G. (Monmouth, Abertlliery) Grundy, T. W. March, S.
Barnes, A. Guest, J. (York, Hemsworth) Martin, F. (Aberd'n & Kinc'd'ne, E.)
Batey, Joseph Hall, F. (York, W.R., Normanton) Maxton, James
Benn, Captain Wedgwood (Leith) Hall, G. H. (Merthyr Tydvllt Mlddleton, G.
Berkeley, Captain Reginald Harbord, H. Millar, J. D.
Broad, F. A. Hardle, C. D. Morel, E. D.
Bromfield, William Hartshorn, Vernon Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.)
Brotherton, J. Hay, Captain J. P. (Cathcart) Mosley, Oswald
Buchanan, G. Henderson, T. (Glasgow) Muir, John W.
Burnle, Major J. (Bootle) Herriotts, J. Murnin, H.
Buxton, C. Roden (Accrington) Hill, A. Murray, R. (Renfrew, Western)
Buxton, Noel (Norfolk, North) Hirst, G. H. Nichol, Robert
Cairns, J[...]hn Hodge, Lieut.-Col. P. (Preston) O'Grady, Captain James
Chapple, W. A. Hogge, James Myles Oliver, George Henry
Charleton, H. C. Irving, Dan Paling, W.
Clarke, Sir E. C. Jenkins, W, (Glamorgan, Neath) Parkinson, John Allen (Wigan)
Collins, Sir Godfrey (Greenock) John, William (Rhondda, West) Phillipps, Vivian
Collins, Pat (Walsall) Johnston, T. Ponsonby, Arthur
Collison, Levi Jones, T. I. Mardy (Pontypridd) Potts, John S.
Darbyshire, C. W. Jowett, F. W. (Bradford, East) Pringle, W. M. R.
Davies, Rhys John (Westhoughton) Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Richardson, R. (Houghton-le-Spring)
Davison, J. E. (Smethwick) Kirkwood, D. Riley, Ben
Dudgeon, Major C. R. Lambert, Rt. Hon. G Ritson, J.
Edmonds, G. Lansbury, George Robertson, J. (Lanark, Bothwell)
Edwards, C. (Monmouth, Bedwellty) Lawson, John James Robinson, W. C. (York, Elland)
Emlyn-Jones, J. E. (Dorset, N.) Leach, W. Rose, Frank H.
Foot, Isaac Lee, F. Royce, William stapleton
Gray, Frank (Oxford) Linfleld, F. C. Scrymgeour, E.
Greena[...]l, T. Lunn, William Sexton, James
Shaw, Thomas (Preston) Thomas, Brig.-Gen. Sir O. (Anglesey) White, H. G. (Birkenhead, E.)
Shinwell, Emanuel Thorne, G. R. (Wolverhampton, E.) Whiteley, W.
Short, Alfred (Wednesbury) Thornton, M. Wignall, James
Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir John Tout, W. J. Williams, David (Swansea, E.)
Simpson, J. Hope Trevelyan, C. P. Williams, Dr. J. H. (Llanelly)
Sitch, Charles H. Wallhead, Richard C. Williams, T. (York, Don Valley)
Smith, T. (Pontefract) Walsh, Stephen (Lancaster, Ince) Wilson, C. H. (Sheffield, Attercliffe)
Snell, Harry Warne, G. H. Wilson, R. J. (Durham, Jarrow)
Snowden, Philip Watson, W. M. (Dunfermline) Wright, W.
Spencer, George A. (Broxtewe) Watts-Morgan, Lieut.-Col. D. Young, Robert (Lancaster, Newton)
Steven, Campbell Wedgwood, Colonel Josiah C.
Stewart, J. (St. Rollox) Weir, L. M. TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Sullivan, J. Westwood, J. Mr. Spoor and Mr. Morgan Jones.

Motion made, and Question put, "That until the end of the Session, Government business do have precedence

at every Sitting."—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided: Ayes, 268; Noes, 141.

Division No. 2.] AYES. [12.31 p.m.
Ainsworth, Captain Charles Colvin, Brig.-General Richard Beale Harvey, Major S. E.
Alexander, Col. M. (Southwark) Conway, Sir W. Martin Hay, Major T. W. (Norfolk, South)
Allen, Lieut.-Col. Sir William James Cotts, Sir William Dingwall Mitchell Henderson, Sir T. (Roxburgh)
Amery, Rt. Hon. Leopold C. M. S. Courthope, Lieut.-Col. George L. Hennessy, Major J. R. G.
Apsley, Lord Craig, Captain C. C. (Antrim, South) Herbert, Col. Hon. A. (Yeovil)
Archer-Shee, Lieut.-Colonel Martin Cralk, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Herbert, Dennis (Hertford, Watford)
Ashley, Lt.-Col, Wilfrid W. Croft, Lieut.-Colonel Henry Page Herbert, S. (Scarborough)
Astor, J. J. (Kent, Dover) Crook, C. W. (East Ham, North) Hewett, Sir J. P.
Astor, Viscountess Crooke, J. S. (Derltend) Hilder, Lieut.-Colonel Frank
Baird, Rt. Hon. Sir John Lawrence Curzon, Captain Viscount Hiley, Sir Ernest
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Davies, Thomas (Cirencester) Hogg, Rt. Hon. Sir D. (St. Marylebone)
Balfour, George (Hampstead) Davison, Sir W. H. (Kensington, S.) Holbrook, Sir Arthur Richard
Barlow, Rt. Hon. Sir Montague Dawson, Sir P. Hood, Sir Joseph
Barnett, Major Richard W. Dixon, C. H. (Rutland) Hopkins, John W. W.
Becker, Harry Doyle, N. Grattan Houfton, John Plowright
Bell, Lieut.-Col. W. C. H. (Devizes) Edge, Captain sir William Howard, Capt. D. (Cumberland, N.)
Bellalrs, Commander Carlyon W. Edmondson, Major A. J. Howard-Bury, Lieut.-Col. C. K.
Benn, Sir A. S. (Plymouth, Drake) Elliot, Capt. Walter E. (Lanark) Hudson, Capt. A.
Bennett, A. J. (Mansfield) Elveden, Viscount Hughes, Collingwood
Berry, Sir George England, Lieut.-Colonel A, Hunter-Weston, Lt.-Gen. Sir Aylmer
Betterton, Henry B. Ersklne, James Malcolm Monteith Hurd, Percy A
Birchall, J. Dearman Erskine, Lord (Weston-super-Mare) Hurst, Lt.-Col. Gerald Berkeley
Bird, Sir R. B. (Wolverhampton, W.) Erskine-Bolst, Captain C. Hutchison, G. A. C. (Peebles. N.)
Blades, Sir George Rowland Evans. Capt. H. Arthur (Leicester, E.) Hutchison, Sir R. (Kirkcaldy)
Blundell, F. N. Evans, Ernest (Cardigan) Hutchison, W. (Kelvingrove)
Bowyer, Captain G. W. E. Eyres-Monsell, Commander B. M. Jackson, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. F. S.
Boyd-Carpenter, Major A. Falcon, Captain Michael Jarrett, G. W. S.
Brass, Captain W. Falle, Major Sir Bertram Godfray Jephcott, A. R.
Brassey, Sir Leonard Fawkes, Major F. H. Johnson, Sir L. (Waithamstow, E.)
Bridgeman, Rt. Hon. William Clive Fermor-Hesketh, Major T. Joynson-Hicks, Sir William
Briggs, Harold Fildes, Henry Kelley, Major Fred (Rotherham)
Brittain, Sir Harry Fisher, Rt. Hon. Herbert A. L. Kennedy, Captain M. S. Nigel
Brown, Brig.-Gen. Clifton (Newbury) Flanagan, W. H. King, Capt. Henry Douglas
Brown, J. w. (Middlesbrough, E.) Ford, Patrick Johnston Kinloch-Cooke, Sir Clement
Bruton, Sir James Foxcroft, Captain Charles Talbot Lamb, J. Q.
Buckingham, Sir H. Frece, Sir Walter de Lane-Fox, G. R.
Buckley, Lieut.-Colonel A. Fremantle, Lieut.-Colonel Francis E. Law, Rt. Hon. A. B. (Glasgow, C.)
Bull, Rt. Hon. Sir William James Furness, G. J. Lever, Sir Arthur L.
Burn, Col. C. R. (Devon. Torquay) Ganzoni, Sir John Lloyd, Cyril E. (Dudley)
Burney, Com. (Middx., Uxbridge) Gates, Percy Lioyd-Greame, Rt. Hon. Sir Philip
Butler, H. M. (Leeds, North) Gaunt, Rear-Admiral Sir Guy R. Locker-Lampson, Com. O. (Handsw'th)
Butt, Sir Alfred George, Major G. L. (Pembroke) Lorden, John William
Cadogan, Major Edward Gilbert, James Daniel Lorimer, H. D.
Campion, Lieut.-Colonel W. R. Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir John Lort-Williams, J.
Cassels, J. D. Greene, Lt.-Col. Sir W. (Hack'y, N.) Loyd, Arthur T. (Abingdon)
Cautley, Henry Strother Greenwood, William (Stockport) Lumley, L. R.
Cayzer, Sir C. (Chester, City) Gretton, Colonel John Lynn, R. J.
Cecil, Rt. Hon. Lord R. (Hitchin) Grigg, Sir Edward M'Connell, Thomas E.
Chadwick, Sir Robert Burton Guest, Col. Henry (Bristol, North) McCurdy, Rt. Hon. Charles A.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. N. (Ladywood) Guinness, Lieut.-Col. Hon. W. E. Macdonald, Sir Murdoch (Inverness)
Chapman, Sir S. Guthrie, Thomas Maule Macnaghten, Hon. Sir Malcolm
Churchman, Sir Arthur Gwynne, Rupert S. Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J.
Clarry, Reginald George Hacking, Captain Douglas H. McNeill, Ronald (Kent, Canterbury)
Clay. Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Spender Hall, Rr-Adml Sir W.(Liv'p'l, W.D'by) Makins, Brigadier-General E.
Clayton, G. C. Halstead, Major D. Malone, Major P. B. (Tottenham, S.)
Coates, Lt.-Col. Norman Hamilton, Sir George C. (Altrincham) Margesson, H. D. R.
Cockerill, Brigadier-General G. K. Hannon, Patrick Joseph Henry Mason, Lieut.-Col. C. K.
Colfox, Major Win. Phillips Harmsworth, Hon. E. C. (Kent) Mercer, Colonel H.
Collie, Sir John Harrison, F. C. Milne, J. S. Wardlaw
Mitchell, W. F. (Saffron Walden) Remnant, Sir James Sugden, Sir Wilfrid H.
Mitchell, Sir W. Lane (Streatham) Reynolds, W. G. W. Sutcllffe, T.
Moles, Thomas Rhodes, Lieut.-Col. J. p. Sutherland, Sir William
Molloy, Major L. G. S. Richardson, Lt.-Col. Sir p. (Chrtsy) Sykes, Maj.-Gen. Frederick H.
Moore-Brabazon, Lieut.-Col. J. T. C. Roberts, Samuel (Hereford, Hereford) Terrell, Captain R. (Oxford, Henley)
Morden, Col. W. Grant Roberts, Sir S. (Sheffield, Ecclesall) Thomson, Luke (Sunderland)
Moreing, Captain Algernon H. Robertson, J. D. (Islington, W.) Thomson, F. C. (Aberdeen, S.)
Morrison, Hugh (Wilts, Salisbury) Rodgerson, Captain J. E. Titchfield, Marquess of
Morrison-Bell, Major A. C. (Honlton) Roundell, Colonel R. F. Tryon, Rt. Hon. George Clement
Murchison. C. K. Russell, Alexander West- (Tynemouth) Tubbs, S. W.
Nall, Major Joseph Russell, William (Bolton) Vaughan-Morgan, Col. K. P.
Newton, Sir D. G. C. (Cambridge) Samuel, A. M. (Surrey, Farnham) Wallace, Captain E.
Nicholson, Brig.-Gen. J.(Westminster) Samuel, Samuel (W'deworth, Putney) Watson, Captain John Bertrand
Nicholson, William G. (Petersfield) Sanders, Colonel Sir Robert Arthur Watts, Dr. T. (Man., Withington)
Nield, Sir Herbert Sanderson, Sir Frank B. Wells, S. R.
Norton-Griffiths, Lieut.-Col. Sir John Shakespeare, G. H. Wheler, Col. Granville C. H.
Ormsby-Gore, Hon. William Sheffield. Sir Berkeley White, Lt.-Col. G. D. (Southport)
Paget, T. G. Shepperson, E. W. Whitla, Sir William
Parker. Owen (Kettering) Shipwright, Captain D. Willey, Arthur
Penny, Frederick George Simms. Dr. John M. (Co. Down) Winterton, Earl
Percy, Lord Eustace (Hastings) Sinclair, Sir A. Wise, Frederick
Perkins, Colonel E. K. Skelton, A. N. Wolmer, Viscount
Perring, William George Somerville, A. A. (Windsor) Wood, Rt. Hn. Edward F. L. (Ripon)
Philipson, H. H. Somerville, D. G. (Barrow-in-Furn'ss) Woodcock, Colonel H. C.
Pielou, D. P. Sparkes, H. W. Worthington-Evans, Rt. Hon. Sir L.
Pownall, Lieut.-Colonel Assheton Spears, Brig.-Gen. E. L. Yerburgh, R. D. T.
Price, E. G. Stanley, Lord Young, Rt. Hon. E. H. (Norwich)
Rankin, Captain James Stuart Steel, Major S. Strang
Rawson, Lieut-Corn. A. C. Stewart, Gershom TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Rees, Sir Beddoe Stott, Lt.-Col. W. H. Golonel Gibbs and Major Barnston.
Reid, Capt. A. S. C. (Warrington) Strauss, Edward Anthony
Remer, J. R. Stuart, Lord C. Crichton-
Adamson, Rt. Hon. William Hay, Captain J. P. (Cathcart) Ritson, J.
Adamson, W. M. (Staff., Cannock) Henderson, T. (Glasgow) Robertson, J. (Lanark, Bothwell)
Alexander, A. v. (Sheffield, Hlllsbro') Herriotts, J. Robinson, W. C. (York, Elland)
Ammon, Charles George Hill, A. Rose, Frank H.
Attlee, C. R. Hirst, G. H. Royce, William Stapleton
Barker, G. (Monmouth, Abertillery) Hodge, Lieut.-Col. P. (Preston) Scrymgeour, E.
Barnes, A. Hogge, James Myles Sexton, James
Batey, Joseph Irving, Dan Shaw, Thomas (Preston)
Benn, Captain Wedgwood (Leith) Jenkins, W. (Glamorgan, Neath) Shinwell, Emanuel
Berkeley, Captain Reginald John. William (Rhondda, West) Short, Alfred (Wednesbury)
Bonwick, A. Johnston, J. (Stirling) Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir John
Broad, F. A. Jowett, F. W. (Bradford, East) Simpson, J. Hope
Bromfield, William Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Sitch, Charles H,
Brotherton, J. Kirkwood, D. Smith, T. (Pontefract)
Buchanan, G. Lambert, Rt. Hon. G. Snell, Harry
Burnle, Major J. (Bootle) Lansbury, George Snowden, Philip
Buxton, C. Roden (Accrington) Lawson, John James Spencer, George A.
Buxton, Noel (Norfolk, North) Leach, W. Steven, Campbell
Cairns, John Lee, F. Stewart, J. (St. Rollox)
Cape, Thomas Linfield, r. C. Sullivan, J.
Chapple, W. A. Lunn, William Thomas, Rt. Hon. James H. (Derby)
Charleton, H. C. Mac Donald, J. R. (Aberavon) Thomas, Brig.-Gen. Sir O. (Anglesey)
Clarke, Sir E. C. M'Entee, V. L. Thorne, G. R. (Wolverhampton, E.)
Collins, Sir Godfrey (Greenock) McLaren, Andrew Thornton, M.
Collins, Pat (Walsall) Maclean, Nell (Glasgow, Govan) Tout, W. J.
Collison, Levl March, S. Trevelyan, C. P.
Darbyshire, C. W. Martin, F. (Aberd'n & Kinc'd'ne, E.) Wallhead, Richard C.
Davies, Rhys John (Westhoughton) Maxton, James Walsh, Stephen (Lancaster, Ince)
Davison, J. E. (Smethwick) Middleton, G. Warne, G. H.
Dudgeon, Major C. R. Millar, J. D. Watson, W. M. (Dunfermline)
Dunnico, H. Morel, E. D. Watts-Morgan, Lt.-Col. D. (Rhondda)
Edmonds, G. Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.) Wedgwood, Colonel Joslah C.
Edwards, C. (Monmouth, Bedwellty) Mosley, Oswald Weir, L. M.
Emlyn-Jones, J. E. (Dorset, N.) Muir, John W. Westwood, J.
Foot, Isaac Murnin, H. White, H. G. (Birkenhead, E.)
Gray, Frank (Oxford) Murray, Hon. A. C. (Aberdeen) Whiteley, W.
Greenall, T. Murray, R, (Renfrew, Western) Wignall, James
Grenfell, D. R. (Glamorgan) Nichol, Robert Williams, David (Swansea, E.)
Greenwood, A. (Nelson and Coine) O'Grady, Captain James Williams, Dr. J. H. (Llanelly)
Griffiths, T. (Monmouth, Pontypool) Oliver, George Henry Williams, T. (York, Don Valley)
Groves, T. Paling, W. Wilson. C. H. (Sheffield, Attercliffe)
Grundy, T. W. Parkinson, John Allen (Wigan) Wilson, R. J. (Durham, Jarrow)
Guest, J. (York, Hemsworth) Phillipps, Vivian Wood. Major M. M. (Aberdeen, C.)
Hall, F. (York, W.R., Normanton) Ponsonby, Arthur Wright, W.
Hall, G. H. (Merthyr Tydvll) Potts, John S. Young, Robert (Lancaster, Newton)
Harbord, H. Pringle, W. M. R.
Hardle, C. D. Richardson, R. (Houghton-le-Spring) TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Hartshorn, Vernon Riley, Ben Mr. Spoor and Mr. Morgan Jones.

Question put, and agreed to.