HC Deb 22 November 1922 vol 159 cc33-8

The following Members took the Oath or made the Affirmation required by law, and signed the Roll:—

Right honourable George Clement Tryon, Borough of Brighton.

Right honourable Herbert Henry Asquith, Burgh of Paisley.

Right honourable Sir Frederick George G. Banbury, City of London.

Right honourable Charles William Bowerman, Borough of Deptford.

The Right honourable Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Cecil, K.C., commonly called the Right honourable Lord Robert Cecil, County of Herts (Hitchin Division).

Right honourable Joseph Austen Chamberlain, Borough of Birmingham (West Division).

Right honourable Sir Henry Norman, baronet, Borough of Blackburn.

Right honourable Herbert Pike Pease, Borough of Darlington.

Right honourable Sir Ernest Murray Pollock, K.B.E., K.C., County of Warwick (Warwick and Leamington Division).

Edward, Earl Winter ton, County of West Sussex (Horsham and Worthing Division).

Colonel Sir Thomas Courtenay Theydon Warner, baronet, County of Stafford (Lichfield Division).

Sir Samuel Chapman, Burgh of Edinburgh (South Division).

Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, K.C.B., D.S.O., County of Ayr and Bute (Bute and Northern Division).

James. Malcolm Monteith Erskine, esquire, Borough of Westminster (St. George's Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Cecil Murray, O.M.G., D.S.O., commonly called Lieutenant-Colonel the honourable Arthur Cecil Murray, C.M.G., D.S.O., County of Aberdeen and Kincardine (Kincardine and Western Division). Sir Bertram Godfray Falle, baronet, Borough of Portsmouth (North Division). Alfred Roger Jephcott, esquire, Borough of Birmingham (Yardley Division). Sir James Bruton, Borough of Gloucester. Gerald Fitzroy Hohler, esquire, Borough of Rochester (Gillingham Division). Frederick Martin, esquire, County of Aberdeen and Kincardine (Eastern Division).

Sir Robert Paterson Houston, baronet, Borough of Liverpool (West Toxteth Division).

William James Thorne, esquire, Borough of West Ham (Plaistow Division).

John Allen Parkinson, esquire, Borough of Wigan.

Basil Edward Peto, esquire, County of Devon (Barnstaple Division) Joseph Sullivan, esquire, County of Lanark (Northern Division). Dr. John Morrow Simms, County of Down.

Thomas Maule Guthrie, esquire, County of Moray and Nairn.

Robert Geoffrey Ellis, esquire, Borough of Wakefield. Major Albert James Edmondson, County of Oxford (Banbury Division). William Greenwood, esquire, Borough of Stockport.

Sir William Barrott Montford Bird, County of West Sussex (Chichester Division).

Frederick Arthur Kelley, esquire, Borough of Rotherham.

Colum Crichton-Stuart, esquire, commonly called Lord Colum Crichton-Stuart, County of Chester (Northwich Division). John Francis Astley Erskine, esquire, commonly called Lord Erskine, County of Somerset (Weston-super-Mare Division).

Frank Briant, esquire, Borough of Lambeth (North Division). William Stapleton Royce, esquire, County of Holland with Boston. Colonel Herbert Charles Woodcock,

County of Gloucester (Thornbury Division). Robert Bruford, esquire, County of

Somerset (Wells Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William James Allen, D.S.O., County of Armagh (North Division).

Richard Robert Fairbairn, esquire, Borough of Worcester.

Lieutenant - Colonel William Robert Campion, D.S.O., County of East Sussex (Lewes Division).

Captain Edward Montagu Cavendish Stanley, commonly called Lord Stanley, County of Lancaster (Fylde Division). Colonel Edwin King Perkins, C.B.E., Borough of Southampton.

Honourable Algernon Allen Bathurst, D.S.O., M.C., commonly called Lord Apsley, D.S.O., M.C., Borough of Southampton.

William James Harold Briggs, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Blackley Division).

Brigadier-General Richard Beale Colvin, C.B., County of Essex (Epping Division).

Sir Robert Hunt Stapylton Dudley Lydston Newman, baronet, Borough of Exeter.

Frank Gray, esquire, Borough of Oxford.

Major John Jacob Astor, commonly called Major the honourable John Jacob Astor, County of Kent (Dover Division).

Edwin Algernon Fitzroy, esquire, commonly called the honourable Edward Algernon Fitzroy, County of Northampton (Daventry Division).

David Rees Grenfoll, esquire, County of Glamorgan (Gower Division).

Charles Harvey Dixon, esquire, County of Parts of Kesteven and Rutland (Rutland and Stamford Division).

Lieutenant-Commander Alfred Cooper Rawson, Borough of Brighton.

Henry David Reginald Margesson, esquire, K.C., Borough of West Ham (Upton Division).

Brigadier-General Ernest Makins, C.B., D.S.O., County of Chester (Knutsford Division).

Alexander Shaw, esquire, commonly called the honourable Alexander Shaw, County of Ayr and Bute (Kilmarnock Division).

Major William Phillips Colfox, M.C., County of Dorset (Western Division).

Lieutenant - Colonel Herbert Henry Spender-Clay, C.M.G., M.C., County of Kent (Tonbridgc Division).

Sir Collingwood George Clements Hamilton, County of Chester (Altrincham Division).

Ernest Whittome Shepperson, esquire, County of Hereford (Leominster Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Nail, Borough of Manchester (Hulme Division).

Major Leonard Greenham Star Molloy, D.S.O., Borough of Blackpool.

Charles Talbot Foxcroft, esquire, Borough of Bath.

Sir Wilfrid Hart Sugden, County of Lancaster (Royton Division).

Sir Arthur Levy Lever, baronet, Borough of Hackney (Central Division).

Rupert Sackville Gwynne, esquire, County of East Sussex (Eastbourne Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel Abraham England, County of Lancaster (Heywood and Redcliffe Division).

Sir Henry Foreman, O.B.E., Borough of Hammersmith (North Division).

Sir John Leigh, baronet, Borough of Wandsworth (Clapham Division).

Charles Roden Buxton, esquire, Borough of Accrington.

Thomas Power O'Connor, esquire, Borough of Liverpool (Scotland Division).

Major Granville Charles Hastings Wheler, County of Kent (Faversham Division).

Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux Herbert, esquire, commonly called the honourable Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux Herbert, County of Somerset (Yeovil Division).

William Foot Mitchell, esquire, County of Essex (Saffron Walden Division).

John Smedley Crooke, esquire, Borough of Birmingham (Deritend Division).

James Bamsay Montagu Butler, esquire, University of Cambridge.

Sir John Sutherland Harmood-Banner, Borough of Liverpool (Everton Division).

Sir Percy Wilson Newson, baronet, County of Warwick (Tamworth Division).

Thomas Henry Parry, esquire, County of Flint.

Sir Walter Raymond Greene, baronet, Borough of Hackney (North Division).

Captain William Arthur Henry Caven-dish-Bentinck, commonly called the Marquis of Titchfield, County of Nottingham (Newark Division).

Francis Nicholas Blundell, esquire, County of Lancaster Ormskirk Division).

Captain David Euan Wallace, M.C., County of Warwick (Rugby Division).

Herbert Harvey Spencer, esquire, Borough of Bradford (South Division).

Captain George Edward Wentworth Bowyer, M.C., County of Bucks (Buckingham Division).

Ivor Miles Windsor-Clive, commonly called Viscount Windsor, County of Salop (Ludlow Division).

Colonel Walter Grant Morden, County of Middlesex (Brentford and Chiswick Division).

Stanley William Tubbs, esquire, County of Gloucester (Stroud Division).

William Audley Bowdler, esquire, County of York, East Riding (Holderness Division).

Sir Park Goff, County of York, North Riding (Cleveland Division). Frederick Charles Thomson, esquire, Burgh of Aberdeen (South Division).

Charles Duncan, esquire, County of Derby (Claycross Division).

Robert Chancellor Nesbitt, esquire, County of Kent (Chislehurst Division).

Daniel Gerald Somerville, esquire, Borough of Barrow in-Furness.

Henry Cavendish - Bentinck, esquire, commonly called Lord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, Borough of Nottingham (South Division).

Charles Williamson Crook, esquire, Borough of East Ham (North Division).

Francis Capel Harrison, esquire, C.S.I., Borough of Lambeth (Kennington Division).

Sir Harry Mallaby-Deeley, baronet, Borough of Willesden (East Division).

John Colin Campbell Davidson, esquire, C.B., County of Hertford (Hemel Hempstead Division).

Major Edward Archibald Ruggles-Brise, County of Essex (Maldon Division).

Isaac Foot, esquire, County of Cornwall (Bodmin Division).

Sir Philip Albert Gustavo David Sassoon, baronet, C.M.G., Borough of Hythe.

Brigadier-General Edward Lewis Spears, County of Leicester (Loughborough Division).

Major Sir Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, baronet, C.M.G., County of Caithness and Sutherland.

James Falconer, esquire, County of For far. Brigadier-General Howard Clifton Brown, County of Berks (Newbury Division).

Major Jack Benn Brunei Cohen, Borough of Liverpool (Fairfield Division).

Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess Astor, Borough of Plymouth (Sutton Division).

Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, esquire, County of Buckingham (Aylesbury Division).

Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay Steel-Maitland, baronet, Borough of Birmingham (Erdington Division).

Commander Oliver Stillingfleet Locker Lampson, R.N.V.R., C.M.G., D.S.O., Borough of Birmingham (Handsworth Division).

John Dearman Birchall, esquire, Borough of Leeds (North-East Division).

Samuel Strang Steel, esquire, County of Kent (Ashford Division).

Sir Joseph Hood, baronet, Borough of Wimbledon. Sir John Collie, Burgh of Glasgow (Partick Division).

Henry Fildes, esquire, Borough of Stockport.

Howard Stransom Button, esquire, County of Salop (The Wrekin Division).

Sir William Joynson-Hicks, baronet, County of Middlesex (Twickenham Division).

William Allen Jowitt, esquire, K.C., Borough of the Hartlepools.

Walter Trevelyan Thomson, esquire, Borough of Middlesbrough (West Division).

James Francis Wallace Galbraith, esquire, K.C., County of Surrey (Eastern Division).

James Childs Gould, esquire, Borough of Cardiff (Central Division).

Patrick Gardiner Hastings, esquire, K.C., Borough of Wallsend.

Edward Manville, esquire, Borough of Coventry.

Sir Charles Coupar Barrie, K.B.E., County of Banff. Lieutenant-Colonel David Davies, County of Montgomery. Noel Edward Buxton, esquire, County of Norfolk (Northern Division).

Thomas Arthur Lewis, esquire, University of Wales.

ADJOURNMENT.— Resolved, "That this House do now adjourn till Twelve o'Clock To-morrow."—[Captain Hacking.]

Adjourned accordingly at Half after Six o'clock till Twelve o'Clock To-morrow, pursuant to the Resolution of the House this day.

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