HC Deb 14 June 1922 vol 155 cc383-460

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

Lieut.-Colonel WHELER

In view of a communication I have received from the Solicitor-General, I do not propose to move the new Clause standing in my name on the Order Paper (Amendment of 27 & 28 Vie., c. 114, is. 25 & 26).

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Alimentary trusts.) 787 words
  2. cc385-92
  3. CLAUSE I.—("Legal estates" and "equitable interests," and repeal of the Statute of Uses.) 3,054 words
  4. cc392-408
  5. CLAUSE 64.—(Application of Capital Money.) 6,559 words
  6. cc409-28
  7. CLAUSE 65.—(Amendment of Section, 25 and repeal of Section 26 of the Act of 1882; and power to raise money for improvements and for the Court, or the trustees to impose conditions for repayment of money applied for improvements.) 8,075 words
  8. cc429-31
  9. CLAUSE 78.—(Relief against forfeiture of leases on assignment, etc., and as to powers to distrain.) 840 words
  10. cc431-2
  11. CLAUSE 88.—(Power to apply income for maintenance and to accumulate surplus income during a minority.) 532 words
  12. cc432-9
  13. CLAUSE 90.—(Power to discharge or modify restrictive covenants affecting land.) 2,697 words
  14. cc439-49
  15. CLAUSE 107.—(Construction of deeds and other instruments and presumption of survivorship.) 3,887 words
  16. c449
  17. CLAUSE 114.—(Vesting orders in relation to lunatics and defectives who are trustees or mortgagees.) 28 words
  18. cc449-50
  19. CLAUSE 120.—(Various powers of trustees.) 191 words
  20. cc450-4
  21. CLAUSE 121.—(Power of advancement.) 1,723 words
  22. c454
  23. CLAUSE 138.—(Extinguishment of manorial incidents.) 252 words
  24. cc454-5
  25. CLAUSE 140.—(Provisions where manorial incidents are extinguished on expiration of ten years after the commencement of Act.>) 309 words
  26. cc455-60
  27. CLAUSE 150.—(Succession to real and personal estate on intestacy.) 1,856 words