HC Deb 28 July 1922 vol 157 cc961-2

Where the registration of a retailer is refused, or a retailer is removed from a register, under this Act, the retailer shall not be liable to any action for breach of a contract current at the date of the passing of this Act for the purchase of further supplies of milk from a producer, if he can prove that such refusal or removal was due to the quality of milk supplied by the producer.


I beg to move, to leave out the words "current at the date of the passing of this Act."


I accept that.

Amendment agreed to.


I beg to move at the end of the Clause to insert a new Sub-section— (2) Where it is certified by an analyst acting under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875–1907, that the milk tendered by a producer to a retailer under a contract, is or is likely to endanger public health, such retailer shall not be liable to any action for breach of the contract for the purchase of further supplies of milk from that producer.


I am sorry that I cannot accept this Amendment. I think my hon. Friend has done very well this afternoon.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.


Would it not be well that we should now adjourn the proceedings? I do not think either the Leader of the House or the Patronage Secretary can complain that those present have put any obstacle in the way of getting business done. Now we are taking a Bill which personally I have no interest in. It has been a question of manuscript Amendments from one hon. Member to the Chair, and we cannot understand what they are about. Another hon. Member actually handed in an Amendment which has not been taken and which, apparently, has been overlooked by the Clerks at the Table. In these circumstances, and as the Government know that they will get the Bill within a reasonable time, surely they will do something to avoid this confusion.


That is not a point of Order. There was an understanding that certain business should be taken, but if the hon. Member had moved the Adjournment before we entered upon this stage I might have accepted it. As he did not do so, I assumed it was the general wish of the House to go on with this Measure, and after the House has decided to proceed with this Bill, I think it would be wrong to accept the hon. Member's proposal. With regard to the Amendment standing in the name of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health for Scotland, there is a difficulty arising because his Amendment comes in at a point we have already passed.

Mr. PRATT (Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health, Scotland)

Clause 12 on the Order Paper is really a misprint for Clause 14.


I understood an hour ago that this matter was not going to be taken.