HC Deb 17 July 1922 vol 156 cc1696-7
14. Mr. KILEY

asked the President of the Board of Trade if. in view of the interest taken in the exhibition of British and foreign fabric gloves which were exhibited in a Committee Room on Wednesday last, it would be possible to arrange to obtain specimens ns of aluminium and enamelled hollow-ware goods, and also specimens of the different kinds of glass upon which it is proposed to levy duty, as well as samples of the competitive British manufactures, and exhibit these in one of the Committee Rooms at an early date?


I am not prepared to arrange for any exhibition of the kind suggested.


In view of the great interest taken in this matter, and the opportunity given to Members of the House to consider one subject, is there any valid reason why Members should not have an opportunity of seeing exhibitions of the other articles?


I had nothing to do with the exhibition in question. If I were to become a promoter of exhibitions in addition to my other duties, I should not have time to get through my work.