HC Deb 11 July 1922 vol 156 c1013

Private Bills [Lords] (No Standing Orders applicable),—Mr. SPEAKER laid upon the Table Report from one of the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills, That in the case of the following Bill, originating in the Lords, and referred on the First Reading thereof, no Standing Orders are applicable, namely:

Clare College, Cambridge (Blythe's Benefaction), Bill [Lords.]

Bill to be read a Second time.

Newcastle and Gateshead Water Bill,

Lords Amendments considered, and agreed to.

North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Bill [Lords] (by Order),

Read a Second time, and committed.

STANDING ORDER 33.—(Deposit of Private Bills at Treasury and other Public Departments.)

On or before the 21st day of December, a printed copy shall be deposited— (4) Of every Bill relating to gas, patent?, or for incorporating or giving powers to any company, at the Office of the Board of Trade, and of every Bill relating to railways, light railways, tramways, canals, waterways, inland navigations, roads, bridges, ferries, or the vehicles and traffic thereon, harbours, docks, and piers, and of every Bill relating to the generation or supply of electricity, at the Office of the Ministry of Transport;

Amendments made:

In paragraph (4), after the word "gas," insert the words "water power."

After the word "patents," insert the words "designs, trade marks, or copyrights."—[The Deputy-Chairman.]

Greenock Port and Harbours Order Confirmation Bill (by Order).

Second Reading deferred till Tomorrow.

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