HC Deb 09 February 1922 vol 150 c298
58. Mr. HOGGE

asked the Lord President of the Council if he will state the submarine tonnage proposed to be allotted to the Great Powers by the Washington Conference; and the present strength of those Powers in submarine tonnage.


I have been asked to reply to this question.

The original proposal made by the United States was as follows:

Great Britain 90,000 tons
United States 90,000 tons
Japan 54,000 tons
To this was subsequently added
France 31,500 tons
Italy 31,500 tons
After the British plea for the abolition of submarines the United States made a fresh proposal.
United States 60,000 tons
Great Britain 60,000 tons
Japan, France, and Italy to maintain the status quo giving
Japan 31,452 tons
France 31,391 tons
Italy 21,000 tons
No agreement was reached on either of these sets of proposals.

The present strengths (including vessels building) are as follows:

  • United States, 94,600 tons, including 40,808 building.
  • Great Britain, 80,476 tons, including 10,100 building.
  • Japan, 32,219 tons, including 22,165 building.
  • France, 30,873 tons, nil building.
  • Italy, 20,257 tons, including 2,616 building.

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