HC Deb 11 December 1922 vol 159 c2344

asked the Prime Minister if he is aware that hundreds of mine workers are being paid starvation wages and that their wives and children are unprovided with sufficient food or clothing; and what action, if any, does he propose taking to end the foregoing state of affairs?


asked the Prime Minister whether he will set up a Committee to inquire into the workings of the coal industry, the high charges for what is brought in under the title of other costs, the system of sale and distribution, etc., with a view to improving the position in this industry generally and making it possible to maintain those engaged in it to live n decency and comfort?

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Bonar Law)

As regards the general position of the industry, I have recently received a deputation from the Miners ederation—a report of the proceedings of which was published—and I understand that there will be an opportunity for discussing the subject on Wednesday. A Committee is already inquiring into certain aspects of the system of distribution.

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