HC Deb 06 December 1922 vol 159 cc1737-8

asked the Prime Minister what, if any, decisions have been arrived at with regard to the assistance to be given by the Dominions to the Royal Navy?

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Bonar Law)

The question of naval defence was discussed at the Imperial meetings, June

Country. If Washington Treaty is ratified. If Washington Treaty is not ratified.
U.S.A. 18 Battleships. 20 Battleships, Dreadnought.
2 Battleships, building. 6 Battleships, Pre-Dreadnought.
9 Battleships, Building.
4 Battle Cruisers building.
2 Battle Cruisers which are now being converted into Aircraft carriers.
TOTAL 20 Capital Ships. TOTAL 41 Capital Ships.
Japan 6 Battleships. 7 Battleships, Dreadnought.
4 Battle Cruisers. 4 Battleships, Pre-Dreadnought.
4 Battle Cruisers.
2 Battleships building.
2 Battle Cruisers building.
2 Battleships projected.
2 Battle Cruisers projected.
TOTAL 10 Capital Ships. TOTAL 23 Capital Ships.
Great Britain 18 Battleships. 18 Battleships.
4 Battle Cruisers. 5 Battle Cruisers.
TOTAL 22 Capital Ships. TOTAL 23 Capital Ships.

to August, 1921, and the resolution was adopted as published in Cmd. 1474, page 6. The effect of this resolution was to defer detailed recommendations until after the Washington Conference. The discussions are proceeding, but have not yet arrived at a stage at which it is desirable to make any statement.