HC Deb 01 August 1922 vol 157 cc1231-2

Return ordered "showing for each financial year, commencing the 1st day of April, from 1875 to 1922, inclusive:

  1. (1) The total amount of dead-weight Debt outstanding on the 1st day of April; the amounts which were made available in each year to 1921–22, inclusive, for reduction of Debt, distinguishing the sums expressly provided for service of the Debt, the Old Sinking Fund, and miscellaneous receipts; the gross amount of Debt redeemed; the amount of Debt created; and. the net increase or decrease of Debt in the year;
  2. (2) A similar statement in respect of other capital liabilities;
  3. (3) A similar statement, in respect of the aggregate gross liabilities of the State."—[Mr. Hilton Toung.]



Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Can we take a Division?


This is a matter on which objection cannot be taken.


On a point of Order. If a matter cannot be objected to, why should it appear on the Order Paper?


This is one of the formalities which have arisen in the course of long practice and are part of the tradition of the House.


We do not want this Return. Why should the House then be put to the expense of securing it?


As I have said, it is a matter of long practice that Returns should be introduced in this way, and I am following the usual practice in this instance.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

May I ask how it is proposed to gather the voices for and against. Can Members rise in their places. if we cannot have a Division in the ordinary way?


There are several of these cases in which the matter comes before the House as a formality, and long practice has settled the procedure.