HC Deb 05 May 1920 vol 128 cc2077-8
97. Mr. DOYLE

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that foreign imports of dressed leather are being offered to merchants at 15 per cent. below ruling prices in this country; and that, coupled with the stagnation in the boot and shoe industry, the unrestricted importation of dressed leather is compelling leather manufacturers to greatly curtail output with its consequent effect upon the labour market at a time when labour exchanges are receiving so many applications for employment?


I am aware that dressed leather is being imported in appreciable quantities, but I have at present no information which enables me to make accurate comparisons between the prices of such leather and British leather. I am not aware that leather manufacturers are greatly curtailing output as the result of this importation. The imports of dressed leather during the first three months of this year were only about 75 per cent. in quantity of those in the corresponding period of 1913 and only about 60 per cent. of those in 1919. The leather industry will be carefully watched by my Department.

Captain COOTE

If it is a fact that there is stagnation in the boot and shoe trade, how is it that the prices of boots and shoes do not come down?


I do not admit that there is stagnation: my information is not to that effect.

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