HC Deb 29 March 1920 vol 127 c851

asked the President of the Board of Trade if the shipments arriving in this country of cheap fancy and other goods from Germany come within the definition of dumping, having regard to the fact that they are imported here much below cost of production in this country; if he is aware that these importations, instead of checking profiteering on the part of traders here, really provide opportunities for merchants and dealers to secure larger profit than those accruing from handling home productions; and, inasmuch as these foreign-made goods do not financially benefit the consumer or user, if he will hasten the introduction and passage of the promised Anti-dumping Bill into law, thereby providing means of augmenting the national revenue in the interests of State as against middlemen securing unreasonable profits by reason of the favourable German exchange?


I do not think that dumping is generally held to mean the export to this country of goods at prices below the one at which they can be manufactured here. I am not aware of the facts alleged in the second part of the question. As regards the third part, I am not able at present to make any statement as to the introduction of measures to deal with this subject.