HC Deb 30 June 1920 vol 131 c451

Mr. JOHN WILLIAM WILSON reported from the Chairmen's Panel: That they had appointed Mr. Rendall to act as Chairman of Standing Committee A (in respect of the Nauru Island Agreement Bill); Sir Watson Rutherford to act as Chairman of Standing Committee B (in respect of the Bank Notes (Ireland) Bill); and Mr. Macmaster to act as Chairman of Standing Committee D (in respect of the Protection of Animals Act (1911) Amendment Bill).

Mr. JOHN WILLIAM WILSON further reported from the Chairmen's Panel; That they had agreed to the following Resolution:—

That where, on two successive sittings of a Standing Committee called for the consideration of a particular Bill, the Committee has to adjourn by reason of the absence of a quorum, within the first twenty minutes of the time for which the said Committee was summoned, the Chairman do instruct the Clerk to place the particular Bill at the bottom of the list of Bills then waiting consideration of that Committee, and that the Committee shall forthwith be convened to consider the other Bill or Bills then waiting.

Reports to lie upon the Table.