HC Deb 28 June 1920 vol 131 c73

Resolution reported, That it is expedient, for the purpose of any Act of the present Session, to provide for the better Government of Ireland, to authorise the payment out of the Consolidated Fund or out of moneys provided by Parliament of any salaries, remuneration, pensions, superannuation, and other allowances, gratuities, or compensation for the payment of which to, or in respect of the services of, Judges and Irish officers, officers of the High Court of Appeal of Ireland, or officers or constables of the Royal Irish Constabulary, or of the Dublin Metropolitan Police Force, provision may be made in pursuance of the said Act, and also of the expenses of the Civil Service Committee established by the said Act, and also of any sum for the payment of which out of the Exchequer provision may be made by the said Act in the event of the failure of the Government of Southern Ireland or of Northern Ireland to make any such payment.

Resolution agreed to.