HC Deb 14 June 1920 vol 130 cc891-2

With reference to your limitation, Mr. Speaker, of Supplementary Questions to-day, may I ask whether, on the rare occasion of the presence of the Prime Minister in this House, you could see fit not to enforce your ruling in regard to Questions addressed to the Prime Minister on the occasions of his presence, as it is only he who can give a final answer to the points raised by Questions, and subsequently pressed home by Supplementary Questions?


The Prime Minister is no exception to the rule, and I cannot make any exception in his case. A great many of the Supplementary Questions which are asked are not really for the purpose of seeking information at all, but for airing hon. Members' views, and if those views were reserved for the right time for their expression it would give opportunity to other hon. Members who are genuinely seeking information to obtain it.